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Denver, CO | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Denver, CO | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
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"CITRA: The BUOYANT Denver Four-Piece & Their Debut EP "Ocean""

You know how so often your Craigslist encounters go awry? Well here's one that went aright. Not so many moons ago, a fella named Brandon Arndt posted an ad on Craigslist looking for fellow musicians who wanted to work hard and create some high energy entertainment. After assembling some respondents, and with only 2 practices under their collective belt, the chemistry was magically on point: Denver’s CITRA was born.

CITRA, in a word, is BUOYANT, most notably in their the song entitled "Settle Down". Another fave from their January 2016 debut EP Ocean is the darker feeling "In the Ground", with its militant, drum-beat-driven-guitars and slightly more sunny sounding chorus. Trust me, it works, and these grooves really grow on you.

So who makes up this winning collective? CITRA is: Brandon Arndt (Vocals, Guitar), Augie Menos (Lead Guitar), Dan Naddy (Drums) and Sean Slattery (Bass). The boys play Denver’s Illegal Pete’s on South Broadway tonight at 8PM.

For more show info, humor, and more things CITRA, you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website here.

Listen to CITRA’s EP Ocean:


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"CITRA ‘Ocean’"



CITRA only formed in October of 2015, and did so when four Denver strangers came together via Craigslist. But the band’s embryonic phase has been incredibly prolific and has bonded the quartet into a solidified unit in short order.

The fruits of that intense developmental period for the group have produced the band’s first EP, Ocean, which is by the band’s own account “Bright. Fast. Fun. Loud.”

The group’s guitar-driven rock gives the occasional nod, and sometimes the occasional blatant homage to bands like Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters, but CITRA also brings their own mix of gritty, on-the-edge rock that is laid back and carefree without ever getting sloppy. -


self-released; 2016
3.6 out of 5
By Ted Rogen

Through Craigslist the four-piece band CITRA comprised of Brandon Arndt, Augie Menos, Daniel Naddy and Sean Slattery formed in late 2015 and have already managed to release a five-song EP entitled Ocean. The band plays hard-hitting rock not far off from bands like Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters.

When it comes to the production and recording quality it is top notch. You can feel the energy bursting through the speakers and I think that it's undeniable to any one that hears it. Take for instance the opener “Settle Down” which is indicative of the type of energy you can expect throughout the EP.

“Settle Down” certainly is a catchy song. The vocalist sounds like David Grohl especially when he strains his voice. As the song progresses there isn’t too much that surprised me but the delivery is on point. The lyrics are broad and could be taken a number of ways. The vocalist sings, “Can’t get away, get away, get away like you did / Can’t break away, break away, break away like I did / I know that you won’t believe it, but every now and then I settle down.”

“Ocean” is another solid track. The verse is especially catchy and I felt I could hum along by the second time I heard it. Smashing Pumpkins-esque style guitar is introduced during the chorus. As a huge fan of Smashing Pumpkins I can’t complain.

“Apologize” is a little more slick and dance worthy than the previous songs. I started tapping my foot along with the beat and bobbing my head. “Feelin' Alive” has a swinging rock vibe that didn’t feel too far off from their other songs while “In The Ground” is a fairly straightforward rock song.

​Ocean doesn’t take my effort to enjoy. The songs are well written and powerful. This early in their development CITRA pulled off an impressive debut. I’m counting on their full-length to be even better.

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"Colorado Music Spotlight"

*Radio blurb and song play on KUNC radio. - KUNC

"Ocean CITRA" - No Depression


Ocean EP (2016)

  1. Settle Down
  2. Ocean
  3. Apologize
  4. Feelin' Alive
  5. In the Ground



CITRA tore into the Denver music scene in October, 2015 with their debut EP - Ocean. The EP promised a bright future for the band, released only three months after their meeting.  The album rockets off with the opening track "Settle Down", and weaves it's way through an eclectic mix of melodic, at times harrowing, non-stop rock, highlighted by the band's pleadingly powerful title track, "Ocean". Armed with a care-free style the band aims to inject a bit of fun into the EDM and folk-rock dominated Denver music scene.

Following the release of their debut EP, Ocean, CITRA returned to the studio in the summer of 2016 to begin recording the follow-up single, "Air" accompanied by the B-side titled "My My Mind". Released in January of 2017, the single looked to build on the momentum the band had built over their first year together. Contrasting in style, the songs continue to illustrate that CITRA will be a hard act to paint into a stylistic corner, the two tracks representing vastly different wings of the ever-clouded indie rock genre.

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