City At Large

City At Large


For the past 8 months, City At Large has been gaining momentum like a tropical storm. Formed in Boulder, Colorado, City At Large is a group of four young musicians who aim to leave their mark on the music world before it's all over. Will you join them?


Way back in the year 2006, A Colorado University student by the name of Kenny Appleyard thought it would be cool to introduce his drummer friend to his guitar friend to see what would come of it. Andrew Pettway, John Eberle, and James Bowler decided to start a rock band after only one time playing together. Starting the band "Presource", the three would play shows in the Boulder/Denver area, playing mostly originals. Around this time, a band called "Chill Fantastic" former home to keyboardist Paul Weirdak, would disband, allowing for him to team up with John, Jamie and Andrew to form City At Large.
With many different influences, including, Radiohead, STS9, My Morning Jacket, and Muse, they create a sound that is both Rock and Electro inspired.
Having spent the past year playing around Colorado and the mid west, City At Large plans to bring it all home, relocating the band to the beautiful city of Chicago, home to a thriving and multicultural music scene.
When you hear City At Large, you'll realize they are a band that is pushing the limits of the genre and evolving into something special.


Curtain Drops

Written By: Eberle/Weirdak

A penny for your thoughts,
an altruistic view,
is going to be,
fading all the time.
Do you matter,
do you mind,
have you a reason for your crime.
An in a sane condition,
the obvious decision,
is black and white in blue.
Well its cold outside tonight and I,
am leaving for a few.
To watch the bulbs burn out,
the band still plays its song for you.

And when the curtain drops,
will you know what to do?
Was it good to you?
Lights are bright tonight,
out on the avenue.
Come watch them all burn out.
The band still plays its song for you.

What We Had Before

Written By: John Eberle

Think twice before,
you act like you have never seen me this way.
Its not your chore.
You have a tendency to rise against them all.

Feeling rushed and I am not okay.
Cause there's something in here that I cant see.
You try to hard,
and when you're near it's hard to breathe.
It's hard to breathe...

When I saw you all alone is when I saw you all undone.


This Winter World - 2007
Turn It Up- 2008
Autumn Sessions- 2008

Set List

All original material.

From the Stone
Broken Glass
The World You Know
The Way Around
What We Had Before
Red Wine
The Flew
Curtain Drops
Return To Dust
and many more
Typical set ranges from 2-3 hours