City BeatZ featuring DeLana

City BeatZ featuring DeLana


City BeatZ provides a combination of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Neo Soul, a little R & B and a whole lot of pleasure.


City Beatz is a versatile band catering to any given audience. Four members of the band are vocal talents. Delana the lead vocalists offers a variety of Jazz, Funk Soul/Neo soul and a little R & B flavor to the band. She can captivate any audience with charm, sex appeal and grace. Frank Kelly is the lead male vocalist with a range from James Brown to Latimore and Prince!. Creig Tyner is the bands bassman as well as the sultry singer that the ladies all love. Turhan is a musical genius who has worked with the likes Michael Jackson, Brandy to name a few and has served as the band leader for the Temptations and has brought the group Urban Soul as well as City BeatZ to Detroit's forefront. Brian Holland is the band's drummer known to all as Mr. Pocket, 'cause he is always in the pocket. Oscar Walter who is our Saxophonist and Flutist. has played with a plethora of talent such as Chaka Kahn and served in the US Army entertaining the American troops for many many years. Dennis Cummings is a world wide percussionist. You will love the variety of things he has to offer the stage. You may see Dennis playing everything from an exotic Malaysian instrument to a Coke Cola can. The man is simply marvelous and has the ability to pull sounds out of the wind.


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Set List

Jazz-Funny Valentine, Summertime, Rio De Janiero Blues, God Bless the child, Is You is or is You Ain't My Baby to name a few.

R & B- Spot Light by Jennifer Hudson, Can't Help it ; Heart Break Hotel by Michael Jackson. Ain't Nobody; Sweet Thang by Chaka. Neo Soul-The Way ; He Loves Me, Golden by Jill Scott.