Dallas, Texas, USA
SoloHip Hop

Dedicated lyricist using hip hop as a form of expression on a mission to touch the life's of other through real moments and touching on issues of today's generation and ones to come.


David Baptiste Jr. aka C.I.T.Y. Chronicles was born on September 6, 1988. He was the second child of his mother Sabrina Brazley and David Baptiste Sr.

He grew up in the street of New Orleans, LA where tomorrow is something that is not always promised. 

When he was only one-year-old, a wise man prophesied that he would hold a great responsibility in using his voice to change the world. When he got older, C.I.T.Y. quickly found it difficult to find his place among his peers. He reacted by acting out which became his way of fitting in. Many people know New Orleans for its high crime rates and violence but many people know that there is also a beauty that lies within its culture. C.I.T.Y. had the pleasure of witnessing this rich culture first hand while growing up in new Orleans. He was born into a family of musicians, Indian high steppers, and poets. Creativity was something that was hard to avoid. He discovered his love for music at the age of 9 when his older cousin Greg introduced him to hip hop. Developing a passion for writing he quickly found a way to express the deepest thoughts including everything that troubled his young mind. C.I.T.Y. stepped into a studio for the first time at the age of 14 thanks with his uncle, Darren Brazley. At the age of 16 his junior year in high school he met a English teacher by the name of Mr. Joe who quickly recognized his gift for creative writing and storytelling. His teacher saw the potential that C.I.T.Y. had. With the help of people like Mr Joe and Darren Brazley C.I.T.Y. pushed to take his creativity to the next level. He also latched on musically to Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Erykah Badu, and Out-Kast. By the age 17, he was convinced that being a musician was what he wanted to do with his life. He set out to achieve his dream. Everything took a drastic turn on August 29, 2005 when the entire city of New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina. Evacuating days before C.I..T.Y. found himself in a Holiday Inn in Dallas TX with no contact with family, friends, and with no sense of how severe the damage really was. Like many hurricanes before Katrina was expect to pass over. The shock of seeing your home, friends, and family float underwater can really change ones outlook on life. Can you imagine how hard it is to put that into perspective? However, he believes that every struggle has an equal or greater reward. C.I..T.Y. himself compares it to the story of Noah in the bible. Many people were given a fresh start, being able to see life outside of New Orleans is culture shock at its finest. C.I.T.Y. found himself on a decline attempting to live up to a stereotype many of our city youth or faced with. He found himself in a very dark place eventually getting kick out of school and almost being charged with a crime. With an attempt to save her sons life C.I.T.Y.รข€™s mother sent him to Houston to live with his father these is where he obtain a GED and began attending Texas Southern University. This is where he realized Embracing higher education could take the negative energy one was once faced with and turn it into a positive. Perusing a higher education and being surrounded by positive people helped the young musician stay focused on achieving his dreams. C.I.T.Y. has produced 4 projects to this date which are the following: 2009 Chronicles Of City: Against All Odds, 2010 Rolling Stone: Life in the business, 2011 Rosetta Stone: Translations of an Old Soul, and 2012 Death Before Dishonor. Death before dishonor was a major turning point in his career because he linked up with Y-Influence. The two created a unique sound that compliments the ears of many listeners. C.I.T.Y. has also worked with KC of the Mile High Club from Oakland CA, CyFyre from Houston TX, Tony Dark of Shadow Gang, OV from San Antonio TX, and Ancietn RASAN aka Steez. He has also opened up for many major recording artists and Hip Hop legends such as Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, Joey Badass, Talib Kweli, Tribe Called Quest, Curres$y, Z-Ro, Q-Tip, Trina, Lil Scrappy, Styles P, IMMortal Technique, Rza of the Wu Tang Clan, Chip The Ripper aka King Chip, and Smoke Dza. He also headlined at a popular Houston Venue called Warehouse Live. As C.I.T.Y. continues to make his name relevant among the heavy weights in the game he promises to never forget his purpose and also be the one to set the bar never fearing change.