City Druid

City Druid


Isaac Brock goes on a weekend bender of whiskey and PBR. He awakes on a rainy Sunday afternoon to the sound of a long-forgotten Cure song. He fumbles for a guitar and tries to capture the sound in his head. Out comes City Druid.


City Druid simmers. City Druid bubbles and percolates in seemingly random ways before finally boiling over in a tidal wave of exuberance and confusion. City Druid is the band you listen to when your true love of the past six months dumps you on Friday night and you get back at them by getting embarrassingly drunk on Saturday night, and now it's Sunday afternoon and it's raining and you're still on your first cup of coffee and you need something to pull you through to Monday, glorious Monday when you can retreat again to the anesthetic of your soul-crushing job.

City Druid was birthed into the world in Portland, OR in October 2005. For a little over a year they functioned as a 3-piece: Joseph Amdahl on guitar & vocals, Becca Owen on cello & keyboards, and Eric O'Connor on drums. They honed their sound in cramped basements on rainy afternoons. Finally ready to unleash their sound on the world, they added bass player Doug Knoll in early 2007 and began playing out in Portland. They quickly found an audience enthusiastic for their artful, literary take on indie pop.


'City Druid' (s/t); 9 track CD

Set List

Originals (w/approximate lengths):
Burnside (2:44)
Cannibals Eat Me (3:27)
Dye it Pink (3:52)
Late Night Diner (3:50)
Tropicanical (3:21)
Wild Ones (3:33)
City Bright (3:46)
Cronenberg (4:22)
October Cat (4:00)

Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
Hey Ya (Outkast)
Just What I Needed (The Cars)