City Light

City Light


On the 9th of January, City Light played their first show at the famous Sunset in Seattle to a sold out crowd of 200+, and have been garnering mass amounts of outstanding press. Their early success has already secured them an opening slot supporting Her Space Holiday this spring.


City Light was started by Seattle singer songwriter Matt Shaw with long time friend and bay area producer Nick Andre, who's releases have featured Gift Of Gab, Lateef, Lyrics Born and more. As the project progressed they called upon musician and producer Denver Dalley from Desaparecidos, Statistics, and Intramural and Seattle singer songwriter Andy Fitts from Airport Cathedral and Aqueduct. Together the four of them worked to create one record from three corners of the country that mixed genres of indie-pop, rock , and hip hop. The end result is a dark and unique pop record full of catchy tunes, experimental electronica, and driving beats.


City Light/Her Space Holiday - Split Single (April 7th)
Burned Out Bright (coming soon!)

Set List

Setlist includes all tracks from Burned Out Bright as well as some new ones slated for the followup record. Set lengths just depend on the allotted time!