City Lights Bloom

City Lights Bloom


Instrumental, at times epic songs which encapsulate classical music using modern rock instruments and sound experimentation. Live shows -- loud, entrancing.


Formed in 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida.

City Lights Bloom performed at the first annual Harvest of Hope Festival in St. Augustine, Florida with the likes of Lymbyc Systym, Against me!, The National, Bad Brains, Her Space Holiday, Propagandhi, Deerhunter, Tilly and the Wall, Tokyo Police Club, Holy Fuck, and many more.

City Lights Bloom have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with:
Appleseed Cast
Unwed Sailor
An Horse
Mirror Pal
and others


LPs: The first full-length "Alone We Thought We Stood" is set to be released in July 2009.


1) The all handmade lo-fi home recordings of selected songs from "Alone We Thought We Stood" which was sold at the 1st four shows.

2) "Stories in Failure, Stories in Triumph" EP 2008

Radio Airplay:

Underground Sounds (Flagler College Radio 88.5 FM)
St. Augustine, FL.

songs aired-

"Wait...A Path Will Appear Pt.1"
"Wait...A Path Will Appear Pt.2"
"Melted Sentiments Fill Empty Cups"

Set List

1) "Melted Sentiments Fill Empty Cups"
2) "By Tonight I Will Be Carried Home"
3) "Wait...A Path Will Appear (pt.1)
4) "Wait...A Path Will Appear (pt.2)

Length Of Set:
45 minutes (30 Minutes with one song cut)