City Sweethearts

City Sweethearts


A 5 piece high energy band influenced anywhere from early blues, to 70's and 80's punk, to powerpop and then some. If you're looking for a good time and catchy music then you'll dig us. No bullshit and we'll keep you dancing and on your feet the whole night.


Formed in downtown Toronto early 2009 with the intentions of playing good fun catchy rock n' roll and punk, taking influences from all of our musical backgrounds. Band members have played and toured in renowned bands such as Riot 99, Vicious Cycle, The Heart Attacks, Marvelous Darlings ect. and plan for this band to succeed them all. What set's us apart is that we have a true passion for what we play and know how to play our instruments unlike alot of bands these days. We play it with heart and have fun with it. Our songs are about things everyone can relate to and no bullshit


I'm a Mess 7'' (Red Lounge Records)

Sleeping Through Modern Time LP (P.Trash Records) available in Jan.2010

Set List

We usually play all songs that are on the 7'' and LP. Over 12 with a couple covers. Past covers have included The Monks, some Australian punk songs can be from The Sonics to Cocksparrer. around a 30 minute sweaty set.