Postpunk meets emotional spaceRock. Lampara, the young drive behind the profound groove of stellar hypnosis and distorted guitars in synthesis, is "Jack White under the influence of Jay Kay and Trent Reznor."


The heartrending fact that this world is now facing HARD TIMES as a result of all the greediness of this futile establishment made me aware, once again, of what the album HAPPY? meant to me when I first listened to it 19 years ago. NO NATIONS by Civilexit will be remembered after its release. Its about their faces, the love we have forgotten and the heat of summer under one interplanetary sun.


Loving You Is Anarchy

Written By: Civilexit

Loving you in summer, Loving you is anarchy, Loving you with no money, Loving is all I have to redeem (iTunes)


Loving You Is Anarchy (Single) Release: Nov. 2005
No Nations (LP) Release: March 2006

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12 Song Repertoire + Instrumentals + Multimedia