Civil Youth

Civil Youth

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Our highly anticipated sophomore album, "Who Rescued Who" available NOW!
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Civil Youth is more than just band. Civil Youth is having a voice
to what you believe in. It’s yelling at the top of your lungs your
biggest troubles plaguing you. It’s being a part of a family who
will have your back no matter what, because we’ve been to the
bottom and back. Civil Youth uses the power of music as a
vehicle to try and change the world, to save a life, & to make the
common uncommon. Civil Youth is you, and you are Civil Youth.
With that comes the ¥outh, the fans, because without you, we
seize to exist. We’re a movement lead by the ¥outh who believe
in hope, humanity, and humility. We try to give definition to
those who cannot define how the feel or how the fit it. This is not
your average youth group. We are Civil Youth.∆


“Disguised in Color” is the band’s first, full-length album, which was
released independently on October 13th 2014. We named it Disguised in
Color because the majority of the tunes are lyrically distraught, but
dressed up behind happy sounding songs. Mike wanted to go with the
concept of “Never trust a happy song.” He quotes, “I had a lot of things
plaguing me while writing this album, and telling people was my way
out. I believe in putting positive energy in the universe, but honestly
the world isn’t always what it seems to be.” Mike wants people to find
recollection in these songs. This album is for you.