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Well maybe not exactly Rock Am Ring, BUT Cize really did tear up the stage on Saturday night. That band can Rock! They exploded! It’s three guys putting all that sound together, but is sounds like ten!! Saturday night, the 27th of March, Cize and Afterglow played at the Irish House. Both bands were great!

CIZE is made up of Jason Czeizinger (thus Cize), Lead vocals and guitar; Rob Johnson on Bass, and Jake Pollard on Drums. They considered getting another guitar player so Jason could concentrate more on singing. But they realized there wasn’t enough room for anyone else, Jake said “Jason has it all under control, he’s completely set up.” Jason has no problem putting his heart and soul into both playing and singing.
CIZE does 98% original music. Their songs are heartfelt, melodic, mystical, and passionate. The crowd was very receptive Saturday night. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, and after each song there was a lot of loud clapping and cheering. A lot of the time it’s the crowd that keeps the band going, that gives them the power and the energy to put on the kind of show CIZE did.
After the show, most of the audience went up to them, shook hands and just said, “Wow…you guys were unbelievable.” One guy knew CIZE from work and said he wasn’t sure what to expect from the show, but he was blown away, he had no idea Jason could sing like that. I had seen the band a couple of months before, and although they were good then, on the 27th, they were phenomenal. I said to Jason after the show, “You can flippen’ sing, man!!” He just smiled and said “Thank You, Debbie!!”
In April, CIZE is going into the studio to record their first CD together. All three of the guys have had experience in producing/recording music in the past, with different projects. Jason started in Washington D.C. where he recorded a 3-song demo for a music convention called The American Music Conference. After the conference he came to Germany to complete this project.
I asked the guys what their plans were for the future. There was no hesitation there as they all answered at the same time; “We want to make it big…take this thing as far as we can.” They get along great, play well together, grow tighter as a band, and as friends as time goes on. They have fun…making music. Music isn’t work…it’s their passion.
One of these day’s you’ll see them on the bill at Rock Am Ring…these guys are determined. They would also like a record deal! Are there any labels out there looking for a band that does their own heartfelt, passionate music? These guys are it!!! Get out and see them…check them out at

- Deborah Phair


Our latest demo includes three songs:
Dislocate, Cold Purified, and The Sickness.
Z100.2 in Kaiserslautern is airing The Sickness and dislocate.



Jason Czeizinger, also known as Cize, joined the Air Force in 1999 and moved from Milford, Delaware to Washington D.C. While in D.C. he sang in a blues band, and played guitar in two rock projects. It wasn’t until April of 2002 that he became serious about pursuing his own music. Jason recruited a drummer and a bassist to help record a three song EP dubbed “The Sickness” and captured the signature sound for Cize. The project suffered a huge setback when the bassist went into rehabilitation for substance abuse and the drummer moved away. In June 2002 Jason joined a studio project in Baltimore, Maryland with the hopes of finding a serious musical connection. Following five unsatisfactory months with the Baltimore project, Jason was transferred to Kaiserslautern, Germany.
As soon as he arrived in Kaiserslautern, Jason began assembling Cize. He met Jake Pollard, a talented all around musician, through an ad that he posted in a local music store. Jake had been recording his own music, but was interested in playing drums for Jason’s band. Jason met Rob Johnson, the bassist, through an ad that he placed in a local newspaper. The three musicians hit it off and Cize came fourth in November 2003 with a huge sound and compelling presence.
Over the last ten months Cize gained excellent reviews by local newspapers, radio promotions, and airtime for one of their singles. Sadly, the band’s romp in Germany will come to an end in August 2004 with the departure of Cize himself. Jason will be leaving the Air Force and moving back to Delaware for a short period before reuniting with drummer Jake Pollard and bassist Rob Johnson to continue the project in Orlando, Florida.