Hollywood, California, USA

Craig Jacks - aka cjacks, writes and produces original music at The SHED; an all aluminum, state-of-the-yard studio in Southern California.


In addition to writing pop songs and modern beat-based tracks, Jacks has composed and produced music for independent film, live stage, podcasts, musicals, and interactive training.

Cjacks’ music has been used as opening/closing themes for over 60 podcasts, and has been featured in hundreds of others, including: Rocketboom's One Year Anniversary Show, and ShutterMIX Radio's New York Fashion Week episode. He was a finalist in the 2009 International Songwriting Competition (Children's Music category), and received an Honorable Mention for his song 'Cock A Diddle Do'. His song 'Rollin' In The Hoopty' was used in the PBS documentary 'Selling America', part of their online P.O.V. series.

PBS’s documentary ‘Selling America’ (part of their online P.O.V. series) featured cjacks’ song, ‘Rollin’ In The Hoopty’ and another of his originals, ‘Gone Hunting’, will be used as the theme music for a new reality TV pilot.

Contact cjacks at: cjacksmusic@gmail.com