Claudia Jacobs

Claudia Jacobs

 Stony Brook, New York, USA

A Claudia Jacobs concert is an interactive experience with an exchange of good vibes, laughter and sometimes tears. She is real, sweet and ballsy as she serves up an eclectic offering of Blues, Americana, Alt Country, Folk, and Jazz all served up with a whole lot of soul.


Part Folk Singer, part Bluesy Mama; Claudia Jacobs is a wild and eclectic ride. A triple threat with great stage presence, nice guitar and songs that can make you laugh, think and take you to your soul; she writes about the human experience, simply and honestly, addressing humor, pain, injustice and hope in the everyday. Heartbreaking one moment, rambunctiously disarming the next, she is a rare combination of soulful singer, heartfelt poet and spirited entertainer. Few performers can own a stage as completely as Claudia Jacobs putting her in the arena of Bette Midler and Neil Young all at the same time.
Born in Northport, NY, she is one of those difficult-to-categorize artists, drawing inspiration from multiple styles including blues, folk/ Americana, rock, gospel and Jazz.
Born in a trunk, as they say, she started out on the musical theatre stage at the age of four; received her first guitar and wrote her first song when she was eleven While at college, she began to take her gifts more seriously and to play and write in earnest. She soon found herself playing all of the major venues on campus and soon after graduation, in New York City. She honed her performance and writing skills in Greenwich Village and made The Speakeasy on MacDougal Street her musical home for a time, embracing the rich folk music tradition she was raised in while adding her unique mixture of soul and blues to create a sound all her own.
Her new CD "Rally On!" reflects her wide range of influences from Alternative Country, Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass and Blues roots. Featured on the CD is composer and Doctor of music Dan Weymouth serving up some soul style organ and piano; Greg Galluccio, Owner of Soundsurfr Studios in NY on electric and slide guitars; Tristan Eggener on tuba and bass and James Hubbard on Trombone(both proteges of world renowned Trombonist Ray Anderson); and Mark Portugal (Bakithi Kumalo) on drums.


C'mon Sunshine

Written By: Claudia Jacobs

C'mon Sunshine
C'mon Sunshine on my parade today
C'mon Sunshine on my parade today
I've seen plenty of rain
It's time for a weather change

Now I've been up and I've been down so low
Yea, I've been up and I've been down so low
I feel like a seesaw
It's time to jump and blow

You know the sun's gonna shine on my backdoor some day
Yea, the sun's gonna shine on my frontdoor some day
Well, front or back
I'll be ready to catch those rays

Everyday I keep from going down
But I could use a little help today
I'm a weeble that wobbles
I don't fall down
But I'm a'rockin' a little farther today

You know I never knew a man who could do me like you do
Yea I never knew a man who could do me like you do
Well, now that you're gone
I'm gonna do me like you used to

C'mon Sunshine on my parade today
C'mon Sunshine on my parade today
I've seen plenty of rain
It's time for a weather change

There Was a Boy

Written By: Claudia Jacobs

There Was A Boy
There was a boy from my home town
Put him to the test
He could beat the best
So he was arrest-arrested

One day I heard he was in jail
Attempted murder
With the end of a bottle's
Broken edge

Chorus: All I can do is remember
Those love letters
That he wrote me
One summer from a boys home
They were the first ones
I ever got

A friend I met down in a local bar in town
Said the boy's in Ohio
With a wife and children
But my friend, he has an answer to everything

I was hoping one day I'd see him
Somewhere in Brooklyn
It would take all that I have
To remember the good beneath the scary look
It would take all that I know
To remember the good beneath the scary look


No Matter What You Call It

Written By: Claudia Jacobs

No Matter What You Call It

What's all the noise, people
Down in the streets, fighting
With their name for God on their lips
Time after time
And over and over again
Drawing their faith from thier hips

Chorus: Oh good God, or
No matter what you call it
Can take you to, take you to
The same place, as
Passion and Joy
No matter where you find them
Can make you feel
Make you feel the same

Far to many times, people
Tryin' to get by, lookin' for
Just a little piece of mind
All we ever really need
Is a little kindness
And some empathy
To help us back up from our knees


Between The Lines

Written By: Claudia Jacobs

Between the Lines

I've learned
You never really know
what's going on
What's going on

And I thought
I knew everything
What people say and mean
The everything in between

And I spent
To much of my time
Reading betweent the lines
And never feeling quite right

Well I'm not gonna read no more
Seal up the cracks
Throw wide the door
Abandon what I've known and done all along

But I have found
That its never paid
To spend my time
Seeking out the pain
That lingers between the looks and the waves

But now I found that life is short
To short to try and figure out
What your thinking about
To know how to feel
How to feel

I've learned
I shouldn't really care
Just listen to
The words that ya hear
"What's that you say"


Makin' Lemonade EP- 2008
Kinks UnKovered Compilation - 2009, Paradiddle Records
Rally On! CD - Spring 2012
Bob Dylan Compilation - 2013, in production/Paradiddle Records
Songs for Tuba and Voice - in production
Documentary "A man and his love of Music" based on her father's 30 year dedicated collection of songs and lyrics compiled and saved in his little black book.

Set List

Mostly Originals with some beloved contemporary and traditionals peppered in.