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The best kept secret in music


"Jane's Getting Serious"

“C. Jane Run specializes in clever, harmonized pop with uplifting melodies and grown-up lyrics. This is a seasoned, self-contained group of musicians making pop for fellow adults. A really fine CD”.....Michael Hochanadel, The Daily Gazette, Schenectady, N.Y. - The Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY

"C. Jane Run: Happy Days"

“Perfect pop revivalists C. Jane Run wear their influences proudly. They are ready to spread the word about their `80s-flavored sound”.....John Rodat, Metroland, Albany, N.Y.
- Metroland, Albany, NY

"C. Jane Run: "Happy" CD Review"

“Happy...is an aptly-titled collection of pop songs reminiscent of 10,000 Maniacs-meets-U2. Lisa Carey and Mike Wray carry the vocal duties, assisting in the creation of an atmosphere of seemingly perpetual bliss, with a smattering of underlying storm clouds beneath the appearance of solitude. A perfect CD to bring with you on a long, relaxing drive, “Happy” will creep under your skin and have you humming its melodies long after the final cut has faded from your speakers”.....Julius Geezer, SpinRecords.com staff writer - SpinRecords.com

"C. Jane Run: "Happy" CD Review"

If the mention of `80s pop has you jumping out of your chair, knocking over your Berlin and Go-Gos cassettes, grabbing your hairbrush and belting out `Josie’s on a vacation far away...,” than the New York band C. Jane Run is for you. This CD is a ray of hope for people who hate the fact that boy bands and teen divas have taken over pop music.”...Jennifer Layton, Indie-Music.com
- Indie-Music.com

"C. Jane Run: "Happy" CD Review"

“These are well-adjusted adult pop songs, easy to listen to and well-tuned to this time of year. Hope springs eternal in a field of daisies on a sunny day - refreshing in a genre so weighted in angst”.....Don Wilcock, The Record, Troy, N.Y
- Troy Record, Troy, NY

"C. Jane Run: "Happy" CD Review"

C. Jane Run not only impresses by exchanging vocal leads, but the music is very intelligent and appealing. This band has the potential to turn heads from a wide variety of music fans”...Michael Allison, TheGlobalMuse.com
- TheGlobalMuse.com

"Party Time"

“C. Jane Run is flexing some new muscles on “How Do You Like Me Now”?.” “Second Chances” and “This Time” put a more contemporary spin on The Janes’ post-punk power pop. And true to their roots, “Almost Yesterday” settles deep into the sparkling, early-`80s pop sound espoused by such crack combos of yesteryear as the Shoes, the Records and the Pop”... Greg Haymes, The Times Union, Albany, N.Y.
- Albany Times-Union, Albany, NY

"C. Jane Run: "Happy" CD Review"

“This catchy, sing-along CD really deserves some attention from both FOX and the WB and I love a band that passes the lead vocal torch from time to time. C. Jane Run is a great mix of male and female vocals with co-ed harmonies laced throughout this upbeat, pop rock, riff-heavy collection”...Get Fancy! Magazine.
- Get Fancy Magazine


"You Must Be Jane..." Wallflower Records, 1997
Spin This!: Spin Records.com Compilation, 1999
"Happy," Wallflower Records, 2001
GoGirls Music Fest: “Get Hip To Hep C CD,” 2002
The Point (WKBE-FM) Christmas compliation album, 2003.
"How Do You Like Me Now?," Wallflower Records, 2004

"Im The Hero" (from "Happy") got commercial significant radio airplay in Albany, NY and Glens Falls, NY

"Second Chances" and "Almost Yesterday" are streamed on several Web radio outlets, including the Connecticut-based The AfterParty and Alooga in Sinzig, Germany.


Feeling a bit camera shy


How do you like me now?
One can take that question a number of ways.
C. Jane Run has taken it and made it the title of its new EP for a very simple reason: to show everyone - especially those who doubted and didn't give a damn - that they have what it takes to go all the way.
"For (drummer Joanne DeSarbo) and me there's a whole list of people we'd like to say that to," says Janes lead singer Lisa Carey. "All those people who weren't supportive and didn't
believe in you, how nice would it be to go back and say `see, I told you.'”
"Everyone wants to go back and say `look at me now.'"
The Janes - Carey, DeSarbo, bassist/singer Mike Wray and guitarist Chuck "Manchester" Reinemann - are certainly saying that on "How Do You Like Me Now."
Produced by renowned Albany, NY knob-turner Gary Tash and the band, "How Do You Like Me Now" finds C. Jane Run mining in a more mature adult-pop vein, singing emotional, sometimes moody and always melodic 1980s-flavored pop tailored perfectly for listeners who've experienced a little bit of life.
And love.
And yeah, even the pursuit of happiness.
"I'm hopeful lately because it's OK to be kind of a sentimental pop band, it's OK to be kind of mellon collie," says Carey. "I'm sick of listening to all the angst and the teenie-bopper stuff with no substance.
"I feel like we've come to a place where we're more emotionally mature about feelings, heartbreaks and stuff like that," she ontinued. "On the first album ("You Must Be Jane...") it was like `you broke my heart and it sucks' and on this album it's more like `you broke my heart, but I'll get over it and I learned something about myself, thanks."
"How Do You Like Me Now?" opens with the infectious "Second Chances," an upbeat pop song wrapped with Carey's disarmingly moody lyrics.
"It's that whole process of helping somebody be independent and come into their own and the risk is that they won't need you and you're left behind," Carey says. "That's a very hard thing to deal with."
Bassist Mike Wray's driving, Beatlesque "Almost Yesterday" is all about shaking the past, specifically memories of a long lost love who has caused pain in the past and is back to take what's left of your heart - all in just over three minutes.
"Only this time, the guy realizes she's trouble and he walks away, saving himself what's sure to be more mental abuse," says Wray. "The girl will always have a hold on him but he's found a way to loosen the grip just enough to keep out of her grasp."
Carey takes the lead on the soaring "This Time," a gorgeous pop song draped in pulsing violins and Tash's lovely orchestral arrangements - a perfect setting for the guarded optimism in Carey's lyrics.
"In some relationships, you don't know if you can make a difference, but you're going to die trying," Carey explains. "The song is about someone who's very guarded and you just want to
try to help them out of it, to trust again.
"Years ago, most of the songs I wrote were about people leaving and I've worked through those issues," Carey continues, laughing. "It all goes back to `how do you like me now,' it's a whole growing process."
For C. Jane Run, that growth is both emotionally and musically.
"This is a nice sampling of where we are now and where we're heading," says Wray. "This is smart, seamless pop with a cool vibe and I'm very proud of it."
"I think when you're in your 30s, people are a work in progress but there's a calmness that comes with that," adds Carey. "These songs have very thoughtful lyrics, we're able to do that. Maybe this is our time."
C. Jane Run has won gigs at the Poptopia! Festival in San Francisco, the NEMO Music Festival in Boston, the EAT-M Festival in Las Vegas and International Pop Overthrow in Los Angeles.
They've opened up for Eddie Money (twice) and Vertical Horizon. The Janes have performed at several outdoor festivals, including Albany's annual Tulip Festival (which draws 60,000 people).
C. Jane Run also appears on several CD compilations: Spin Records.com Compilation, 1999; GoGirls Music Fest: “Get Hip To Hep C,” 2002; and The Point (WKBE-FM) Christmas album, 2003.
The Janes are hoping to market “How Do You Like Me Now?” to television and movie production companies. They are planning to push the record with live shows in New York City and Boston in 2004.