CJ Borden

CJ Borden


On her new CD, "A Songwriter's Collage," CJ Borden brings together over a dozen years of songwriting with a broad spectrum of country and pop styles. A songwriter-driven project, CJ brings together the talents of Nashville's best players along with many friends for this eclectic project.


CJ Borden has spent over a dozen years pursuing her performing and songwriting career. While living in Nashville, CJ collaborated with Jim Williams, who was once named Nashville Songwriter Association's Best Up & Coming songwriter. She has performed at many venues including the Tennessee State Fair and the world-famous Bluebird Cafe.

After a move to Gulf Shores, Alabama, CJ excelled as a backup vocalist and played keyboards on numerous indie projects, in addition to acting as vocal arranger. She was one of the co-founders of an independent label and publishing company, focusing on artist development. She also toured with a popular local Christian artist, and even managed the time to do voiceovers for nationally-released radio spots.

CJ has also seen success on the indie artist website, Broadjam , where several of her songs have reached the Top 10 Country charts.

CJ resides in Las Vegas, where she currently performs with Killian's Angels.


American Skies

Written By: CJ Borden

Nebraska morning shines
Reflecting frayed and weathered lines
Of a man in his fields of gold
Thirsty season, barren land
Left him dry and empty handed
Withered waves of grain drift on by
Under American skies

Their blood runs colors that are deep and true
There’s more to pride than what you say,
it’s what you do
Fight it out for every single breath
Leave the stones in the stream lest we forget
Oh say can you see the dawn’s early light
Under American skies

The pantry’s shelves half bare
Cause there’s too many bills sitting there
It gets old, just getting by
Wants to give his kids a better life
Sweating blood just to survive
He’s hanging on to his piece of the pie
Under American skies

Louis Vuitton

Written By: CJ Borden

Sitting on her front porch, thinking what her life could be
Cause right now it don’t look like no Cosmo Magazine
So she packed up her mutt and her pickup truck, country girl with city dreams
Like the little fish in the big pond, she fights her way upstream

That girl wants Louis Vuitton
High class bliss, extravagance, posh place uptown
It’s the upscale champagne paradise
Keeps her hanging on for a bigger slice
She’s movin’ on to greener lawns
She wants Louis Vuitton

With grit and determination she makes it to Park Avenue
That little hillbilly girl made her dreams come true
But even though she orders caviar, she’ll drown it with a Bud
Prada and lace just can’t replace the place that she came from

Country roots reach way down deep no matter how far you go
So with a click of her heels and her hand on the wheel
There’s just no place like home

That girl got Louis Vuitton
High class bliss, extravagance, posh place uptown
But there’s more to life than greener grass
So she told New York to kiss her ass
She’s movin’ on to where she belongs
With her Louis Vuitton

Who says a girl can’t have it all?

21st Century Fox

Written By: CJ Borden

Went out Friday night thought I’d try something new
Heard about the Internet and all that it can do
So I dragged myself down to the Cyber Net Café
I ordered a beer, but got a latté

Didn’t have a clue what I was doing in there
When a long-legged beauty sat down next to my chair
Let her fingers do the talking with a wink and a curl
Took my heart all around the world

She’s got an MBA, a Ph.D., voted California’s Miss Technology
A real FireWire, a mega-bytin’ machine
6-channel system with DVD
96 inch digital TV
Beauty and brains that’ll knock off your socks
She’s a 21st Century Fox

Man she worked me over threw a muscle in my back
Staying up all night playing ‘Alien Attack’
She’s got expert moves that I’ve never seen
She really knows a hard drive, if you know what I mean

Now I’m burning up the wires with my DSL
Bid all my 8 track tapes farewell
‘Cause I've got George Jones on my MP3
She’s made a redneck techie out of me


• "A Songwriter's Collage" - Mesa Sand Music
• "Healing: An Instrumental Experience" - RPJ Records
co-creator, arranger
• "I Dare You" - RPJ Records
vocalist, arranger
• "So Real" - RPJ Records
vocalist, arranger