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The best kept secret in music


"Cover Story | 2010 Issue"

Coming soon... - Say Word Magazine

"Urban Poet | Death Is In The Air"

C-Jewlz has seen too many friends killed in the community. His call to action is a way to engage the community and encourage everyone to get involved. - TVO

"Urban Poet | Action Cuz I Can"

Urban Poet C-Jewlz's a call to action. His music is a way to engage the community and encourage everyone to get involved. - TVO

"REEL CANADA: "Empz 4 Life" Review October 15, 2008"

Brian Henry is an unrecognized saint; his relentless effort to create a better life for youth living in lower-income neighborhoods seems to be an unattainable pursuit. Throughout his youth, he’s had involvement with drugs, gangs, academic issues as well as run in with the law. His versatile experiences have lead him to aid at-risk young men in repairing their life. Director Allan King, coaches his staff to create a fly-on-the-wall depiction of what really goes on in the lives and minds of adolescent African- American gents living in a deprived environment.

This documentary takes place in a low-income neighborhood called Empringham in East Scarborough. Discrimination, racial profiling and anticipation for the negati
ve are what these young men must go through day after day. Nearly no support from the public school system causes a tireless struggle for mentor Brian Henry while trying to assist these young men in obtaining their high school diplomas. Setting up tutoring programs and after school activities, as well as giving the opportunity to have free breakfast for the less fortunate of the boys, are just naming few of the obstacles that he must endure each and every day.

As an accomplice to Brian Henry, John Mighton is an essential element in not only schooling these boys in mathematics, but also building self-esteem and confidence within them. Being a motivational entity and a lifelong guru, both role models give all their passion and dedication to each and every youth they are assisting.

There are four primary stories that we, the viewer get truly absorbed into. Chris Ellis, also known as C-Jewlz aspires to be a rapper, but is disinterested and de-motivated in any form of academics. Jivon Walker is deeply enthralled in the gang lifestyle; trouble is coming unless he realizes his true talent with numbers. Jordan Mendez has grown up without an acceptable role model, with all three brothers in prison. Will he end up the same as his brothers? Sadiki Clarke is a rather quiet guy; his ability to excel in math gives him his first taste of accomplishment.

Although some of the boys have a pessimistic view to begin with, you see the vast growth and improved confidence in each one by the end. This is an explicit look into the lives of these boys; there is no censorship and this shows the real daily incidents that these boys’ lives entail. Each must struggle through the insensitive and vulgar treatment from the laws authority, their academic authority as well as dealing with family trials and tribulations.

King constructs a documentary that captivates the hearts of the viewer, leading the viewer to utter enthrallment. Barring the movies cloudy audio that tends to drown out some of its dialogue, the soundtrack is very captivating as its records are from one of the films primary youths, Chris Ellis aka C-Jewlz. In the overall film, Allan Kings experience and success doesn’t fail to shine through once more. This is a truly brilliant documentary that refrains from concealing reality altogether. - Reel Canada Blog

"Grindin' Profile | Winter Issue 2008"

Coming soon... - Urbanology Magazine

"Expulsion class gives students another chance 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, TIC TOC TILL MY TIME IS UP'"

Friday afternoon each week brings a much-anticipated trip to East Metro Youth Services' violence intervention program. The students crowd into a media lab and get access to new iMacs, digital cameras and a recording studio.

Today's assignment is to write 16 bars of lyrics to a piece of music each student lifts from YouTube, and then sing and record it in the studio. For inspiration, they listen to "Heartless," a tune from American rapper Kanye West, lamenting being spurned by a lover.

"Stop crying. Get over it," says a student, as others murmur and grunt their agreement.

A local hip hop artist, C-Jewlz, gives them writing tips. He is 19 and 10 credits short of a high school diploma.

Speak from a "street mentality," he advises. Create strong images. "It's like when you introduce yourself to a girl; you can't come across as weak." - Toronto Star


-Gunz n Music Vol. 1 (Soundtrack for Empz 4 Life Documentary)
-Unnatural Exposure



C-Jewlz grew up in one of Toronto’s under-served neighbourhoods, Malvern, located in
the north-east area of Scarborough. The high-crime environment forced Jewlz to grow
up quick, but also inspired him to develop a strong passion for music. At the young age
of 12, Jewlz started his journey down the musical road, joining the Toronto Children’s
Concert Choir, and later progressed to rapping, singing and arranging performances for
different music groups.

As a result of his powerful lyrics and energizing performances, Jewlz has received
significant attention from many respected media outlets. He has been featured on the
cover of the youth-led Say Word Magazine, in the Grindin’ section of national hip-hop
publication Urbanology Magazine, in the Toronto Star newspaper and on nationally
broadcasted TVO. Jewlz was also the star of the internationally-known documentary
Empz 4 Life, which landed him a spot on the red carpet during the 2006 Toronto
International Film Festival.

Jewlz is also recognized as a strong community leader. He received the 2007 Community
Excellence Award at the STEPS (Showcasing the Endless Possibilities of Scarborough)
event, and performed at the Canadian National Gang Conference as a Youth
Ambassador for the Violence Intervention Project.

In 2011, C-Jewlz will release his highly-anticipated mixtape, Unnatural Exposure. The
mixtape touches on issues ranging from abortion and love, to daily acts of violence
witnessed by so many. Unnatural Exposure demonstrates C-Jewlz versatility, from
singing, to creative story-telling, to conscious rap that reflects on his everyday life.