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CJ Garton @ Cadillac Ranch

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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March 28, 2008
By C J Garten
Cowboy Carnival Records and Publishing
Lebanon, TN

I would like to take the time and thank everyone affiliated with and responsible for the Country Radio Seminar. This event has made a huge impact on me as an artist and writer. This was my first year to attend and I would have to say it has been the most valuable investment I've made through my years here in Nashville. I would highly encourage any one who wishes to pursue a career in this industry to attend and support CRS. It may be from being an artist themselves to an individual wanting to start their own label, CRS has it all.

I came into this not knowing what to expect. A good close friend of mine and a pillar in the song community, Doak Turner, suggested I attend the event. From the first day I arrived to the last get together I was welcomed and treated with care and kindness not only from the attendees but the staff as well. I have a new found respect for not only the individuals who spend and devote so much time and effort into CRS, but the music industry as a whole coming together for the greater good of country music and radio. The seminars are an invaluable asset, the relationships we make are uncanny, and the down home southern feel you get from everyone only encourages you to look forward to next years agenda. I had the privilege and honor to learn so much in so few days from those who have been in this industry for decades and tap into a knowledge that has taken these people many years to acquire. I would like to thank Becky Brenner, Ed Salamon and all of the CRB committee for their hard work and commitment to make CRS a success. I would also like to thank your CRB team and especially Merrill
Warner who went above and beyond to make my experience enjoyable.

As those of you who attend know how educational this three day seminar is, I'd like to recall some highlights of this years events for me.
Right off the bat we met for a breakfast and a private show with none other than Garth Brooks. I was able to get a first hand look and interview with a man who has helped shape country music that brought new limits to what can be achieved in this industry. Afterwards was a day filled full of informative seminars, showcases, exhibits, and networking. I was also pleased to find that if I missed a session I could make it up by purchasing a taping of that specific seminar individually, or buy the entire week's sessions in one package. I loved seeing the current and upcoming artists at the showcases and at the nighttime activities. The networking activities at the hotel and at the evening events will be a tremendous value to my music career.

Country radio is the primary medium for the exposure of country music. I believe we should give them the respect they deserve and educate ourselves on the market and the evolving world of the music industry today to help maintain and develop techniques that will continually allow growth and profit in this industry for years and generations to come. I as an artist and devoted fan of country music do not want to see the day when there is a world without country radio. In closing I again thank everyone involved and give my commitment to supporting and attending all future CRS events and programs. - ©2007 COUNTRY RADIO BROADCASTERS, INC


Wail Like Waylon, Redneck Son of a Beer Drinkin Man, By the Flame in Your Eyes,and Daddy's Little Girl Bad Boy - KnightRider Radio KY-USA


Feeling a bit camera shy


C.J. Garton was born August 21 1980 and raised on a small
ranch in Bristow Oklahoma . With family deeply rooted in country music, C.J. was
exposed to the sound of steel guitar solos and deep country vocals from the time he
was born. It was only natural that he would one day find himself following what he
had always known. Ever since he could remember he would look to his father ( Clinton
Garton Sr. )mentoring his merle haggard stylings and southern rock guitar licks. As
his inspiration grew with age so did his talents. His first exposure to media was at
the young age of eleven months where he was pictured strumming a guitar and singing
before his family's appearance at the Western Heritage Country music Show.
C.J. began writing songs at age twelve and through his teenage years
developed his vocal stylings reminiscent of his father and keith whitley. On
the ranch he was always singing while working cattle, bailing hay, or just
hanging out fishing. Wherever he was music was with him . After graduating
high school he loaded up grabbed his guitar and hit the road doing odd jobs
traveling with his father while writing songs and performing anywhere he
could. From competing in festivals and events such as, Mannfords striped
bass festival to playing benefits and honky-tonks wherever they were.
Eventually C.J.'s draw to nashville would win over but in february of 2002,
only 3 months before C.J. and his dad planned to move, his father passed away
unexpectedly . Afterwards C.J. decided to stay close to home and family for
several months and help out on the ranch while keeping a promise to himself
and his father to pursue his lifelong ambition. With 300 dollars, an old
washburn guitar, and a promise, C.J. set off for Nashville Tennessee.
In july of 2002 C.J. Garton arrived on Nashville's front steps for the first
time in his life." I had no place to go and didn't know a soul but i knew i
was right where i belonged. It was hard those first few months i was living
place to place and working at tidewater saloon part time while at night
playing writers nights and shows around town." But with C.J.'s strong stage
presence, captivating deep vocal, and vivid country lyrics he began wowing
crowds and gaining fans in no time. His devotion and commitment to sing what
he feels and feel what he sings has given him an original sound that can only
be described as outlaw country . A refreshing jolt of Hank jr. with a
lingering lonesome tone of Keith Whitley . C.J. Garton is simply a vocal and
talent country music can't live without.
C.J. is currently recording his debut album Just Another Outlaw in which he
wrote all eleven songs and is preparing for his upcoming tour. C.J. is an
accomplished writer and publisher with several artist cuts including Runned Off
recorded by Johnny Cash's own Tennessee Three and various others. He has shared
the stage with many accredited musicans and has played for crowds by the
thousands. His rock-star look has landed him numerous modeling jobs and 4 music
video appearances as well as rendering listeners speechless to his surprisingly
rich vocal stylings. When you think of great country artists like Merle Haggard,
George Strait, and Alan Jackson, get ready to add one more to the list.