C.J. Luckey

C.J. Luckey

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Known for his grit and great lyrics C.J. Luckey is a Dallas Texas born rapper who’s love for Christ shows through his wise and poignant music. C.J.has been in the rapping and recording for more than seven years and continues to deliver fresh and unique music to the Urban Christian community.


C.J. Luckey is an intelligent, creative, and talented artist residing in Kansas by way of Dallas, TX. He is very passionate about Jesus Christ, family, life and music. C.J. states "My aim is to make an IMPACT on my generation not an IMPRESSION. My goal is not to live forever, but create something that will. I want to see lives transformed for the better. God deserves and will get all the glory no matter what."


-Rise Of An Empire 2009

-Failure Is Not An Option 2011

-The Transition 2012

-Dare To Be Different 2013

Available on Itunes, amazon and streaming on internet radio
-Crazy World feat ZG
-Unstoppable feat Caycee Trimmell

Set List

I have a good size catalogue with a wide variety of songs for all age ranges for any venue or setting.