Wellington, Wellington, NZL

Dance, pop & rock all infused together. With a message of freedom and redemption that can only be found at the foot of the cross. CJMunro delivers modern Christianity, packaged within today's popular sound.


New Zealand native, CJMunro serves up a refreshing blend of rock infused pop music, whose unique sound is sure to have audiences coming back for more!

'I Need A Reason' was the first single to emerge from recent sessions at Vertical Studios with award winning producer/engineer Geoff Duncan who has worked with the likes of Rapture Ruckus, Soul Servants & Ric Knott (Magnify) and received notable air play on Life FM in New Zealand.

The latest single from those sessions, 'For The Truth' is a dance anthem, declaring what CJMunro is all about, an artist who has a passion to see truth expressed through music.


For The Truth

Written By: CJMunro (B.Turner/K.Turner) 2011

Broken lives collide, hearts lost in pride-Painted smiles deny corruption, inside-Blank expressions laying helpless in defeat-Their souls cry silent with no voice-But me and my friends here, bring a message of hope-Liberation, the freedom of the cross-We will not conform any longer-We will turn from sin and walk in the light-We will not be blinded by deception-We’ll stand up for the truth, cause we believe-Even believers have turned away-Blinded by their compromise, conceited-Chained to affliction, tormented inside-If only we’d humble ourselves and reject our foolish pride-Then revival would be unleashed-The saints joined in one song-And young and old would see.

I Need A Reason

Written By: CJMunro (K.Turner) 2011

Woke up in a sweat, I didn’t get much sleep last night-My hearts in a mess, there’s a thousand thoughts running through my mind-Like how could you love me, when I only disappoint you-And how could you trust me, to be an ambassador for truth-Is your love for real, I wanna know-Give me a feeling that I cannot deny-Give me a reason so that I can believe it oh-A reason to love you tonight...I need a reason-There was no flash of light, just your still small voice-I knew I was wrong, but I can’t admit even when I know you are right-I feel your presence, your unconditioned acceptance, but still deny your existence-How can I compete with grace-So many questions but one answer you gave-I've found the best, forget the rest, I’m saved-I saw your face, felt your embrace and I knew-You lit a fire that inspired me to find my truth and-
I believe, I believe, I believe, I’ll shout it out loud-I believe, I believe, I believe, yeah-Your love is real, this I know-You gave me a feeling that I cannot deny-You are the reason and oh I believe it-Words can’t express the love I feel tonight-You are the reason


- I Need A Reason (released March 2011) Life FM radio play
- For The Truth (released Sept 2011)