CJ Newman

CJ Newman


A passionate, articulate and unique rock guitarist from Atlanta, GA. Charles' largely instrumental music's stylistic range touches on everything from modern country and blue eyed soul, funk and r&b, to a touch of jazz and explosive hard rock.


Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and
influenced by that city’s deeply artistic and creative
spirit, Charles’ style as guitarist, songwriter and as
a producer could perhaps best be described as
“eclectic”. Harmolodic Free Jazz, Atonality, Country,
Swing, Funk, Soul, Metal and Pop all find equal
influence in Charles’ unique musical makeup.
Being raised in a musically aware and diverse
home brought Charles an awareness of Sinatra,
the Rolling Stones, Benny Goodman to Miles Davis.
As time has expanded Charles’ tastes, several key
influences have emerged; Christ - from which all
creation flows, PRINCE, Shawn Lane, Maxwell, Jimi
Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Michael
Hedges, Michael Gurley & Dada, Charlie Parker,
Frank Zappa, Telemann and Mozart. Charles’
primary musical goal is to try to combine the
technical precision of jazz and classical music with a
sparse, minimalist approach that embraces skilled
songwriting & melodic textures.


"Stream of Consciousness" - Karsten Durand 1999
Jack Leg Preacher (Guitarist on selected tracks, Mix Engineer & Mastering), Various unreleased solo recordings.

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