C.J. Summerfield

C.J. Summerfield

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Going on the premise that there are only two types of music, good and bad, I think I fall somewhere in between. I've written good and bad; however, I usually only let people hear the stuff that is closer to good (opinions may vary).


Over the years, I have played with alot of very talented people, from Butch Vig and Duke Erikson to Nicolette Larson.


A True Heart

Written By: William Watson

When the summertime is gone,
I will write you a letter good-bye.
When the leaves begin to fall,
I will long for the summer, that's all.

Old familiar songs of fallin' rain, remind me.
Skip the verse and go to the refrain to find me,
Tryin' to remember a face from the past,
A true heart will find me at last.

All those nights we spent on Southerland road,
I wonder if you remember then.
Everytime I close my eyes I think of you,
You're the one I will never forget.

C.J. Central Time

Written By: William Watson

Ummm....it's an instrumental.


New album coming out soon. I have played on countless records as a studio player, you may have heard a few.