Cody Joe Tillman & the Wicked Truth

Cody Joe Tillman & the Wicked Truth

 Dayton, Texas, USA

A unique musical fusion of Americana, Alt. Country, Funk, Blues, Jazz and Alternative Rock, Cody Joe Tillman & The Wicked Truth is weaving a new sound that is sure to excite the masses hungry for a fresh listening experience.


The Wicked Truth, something we are almost all afraid to face at one point in our lives. Cody Joe Tillman takes this namesake and forces us to savor the deepest darkest parts of our souls. The new lyrics are subliminal yet subtle, and always brutally honest with a hint of sarcasm as well as some added hilarity to keep you on your toes.

Cody Joe has lived everything he has written about; from the desert sands of Iraq to the heartaches and parties back home, his truths are told in songs in a style that shadows the legends of his influences. Employing the talents of Justin Kociban (formerly of Electric Blues Crew) on keys and guitar, as well as the psychedelic sounding guitar played by Casey Jouette (Illlogick, Another Pearl Harbor) the music is eerie yet entrancing, mellow enough to relax with but with enough flavor to make your body move and your mind open up to new possibilities.

CJT was a good friend of/and played with Texas Blues Hall of Famer, the late "Mean" Gene Kelton. Introducing CJT to the Kelton Brothers, Sid and Jamie, "Mean" Gene was instrumental in them forming the band, DRIVEN. Prior to that, CJT and his band BLOWN had been signed to an Indie label in Austin, TX; during their tenure they shared the stage with such acts as Bob Schnieder, and Push Monkey. In addition to these credits, CJT has appeared on the Infynit Hour TV Program, and went to the Vegas Round on Season 5 of America's Got Talent.


It Ain't Over

Written By: Cody Joe Tillman

I'm screaming your name at these walls
Im praying to God that you'll call
Saying baby I miss you too
And I'm ready to come home to you
I'm ready to come home to you

But I realize it's only a dream
I take a hard look at everything
And this bottles getting empty again
Sometimes I think it's my only friend
Sometimes I think it's my only friend

And the scars they keep getting deeper
Everybody is so concerned
They say my mind it getting weaker
And by now I should have learned
But I just can't let go
Cause in my heart I know…
It ain't over
It ain't over

And I realize I caused you so much pain
And if I could I would I'd take it all back again
And what I really want to do is say I'm sorry
I want to start over new and give you no reason to worry

But you say that I'll never change
And I guess I have only myself to blame
But baby if you'll just give me one more chance
I'll do anything and everything, just to make you, understand


I Enjoy The Rain

Written By: Cody Joe Tillman

I Got a flask full of whiskey marked poison
I got some homemade strawberry wine
I got a cuz lives down by Old River
He got the very best kind of kine

I got the best looking lady around
She got them piercing firery eyes
Got a handful of worries keep me thinkin
I keep em close in the back of my mind

But these feet they keep on moving
Yeah they walk on through the pain
And I might sound a little bit bluesy yeah
But hey I enjoy the rain

I got a job pounding rocks for the Railroad
And that keeps me plenty busy sure
I see my baby girl on the weekends
Man times sure starting to blur

I got a Baby mamma loves to cause drama
Yeah she can sure be a pain in the ass
But hey Bitch I got the washer and dryer
Now who got the last of our laughs



DRIVEN - demo

Set List

Original Setlist

1. It Ain't Over
2. Soldier Song
3. Strange Mood
4. Scream
5. Same Ole Roads
6. Guilty Pleasure
7. Let Go
8. This Abuse
9. Oh Babylon
10. Perfect
11. Stay
12. Cry For Help
13. Time
14. Maddie's Song
15. Livin' The Song
16. I Still Love You
17. Here and Now
18. Second Chance
19. Window of My Mind
20. The Drinkin' Song
21. See You Around
22. I Enjoy The Rain
24. Ain't Lookin For No Approval
25. Thanks for the Crumbs
26. Sunday Funday
27. Thinkin'
28. The Way That I Am
29. Wasted Life
30. Forever Isn't Fair

Various Covers (Note: All covers are done my way)

1. Simple Man - Skynyrd
2. Stayin Alive - Beegees
3. Lightning Crashes - Live
4. What It's Like - Everlast
5. Drift and Die - Puddle of Mudd
6. Let Her Cry - Hootie and the Blowfish
7. December - Collective Soul
8. Blue On Black - Kenny Wayne Shepard
9. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
10. Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd
11. The Ballad of Curtis Lowe (Cody Joe) - Skynyrd