The Curtis Jaywalkers

The Curtis Jaywalkers

 Mobile, Alabama, USA

Bringing a unique sound, The Curtis Jawalkers fuse together sounds of funk, soul, and rock and roll. Along with playing in venues around the south, the band is currently finishing recording their debut EP.


The Curtis Jaywalkers began officially in July 2009 with the three original members of the group Last Minute Showdown along with Ryan Mininger, guitarist with the band Wiles. The four had worked together off an on for awhile, deciding finally to try their luck at a collaborative effort. That effort is The Curtis Jaywalkers.

While The Curtis Jaywalkers are considered new by name and form, the members have been working together in different formats for nearly a year. After the departure from a previous project, Rob Downing (Vocals/Guitar) and Elric Walker (Bass) joined Eric Mininger (Drums) in March 2009 to create Last Minute Showdown, which was just that -- a last minute decision to form a band after an invitation to open for the band Wiles. Last Minute Showdown added additional musicians and continued to perform, mostly as a alternative rock/jam band. Successful in adding Eric's brother, guitarist Ryan Mininger from Wiles, Last Minute Showdown's sound took a more traditional direction (relatively speaking). Hence, The Curtis Jaywalkers was born.

Playing to audiences around the south, the band has built a reputation of always bringing a new fresh sounding set to each gig and leaving those in attendance asking for more.

Since the summer of 2010 the band has been recording what will be their debut EP.


Demo (2009)
The Curtis Jawalkers EP (Release TBA)