BandHip Hop

Lyrical, Energetic, Spirit Filled, Bible Quotin, Pure Jesus Muzik!!!!


CK which stands for "Christ/Kyle," his music can not be compared to anyone else in his genre, the lyrics and word play is phenomenal and the best thing about it, its all for the glory of the lord!!! I guess his influences would include Lecrae, Flame, Tedashii, even T.I. but most of all Jesus Christ. Who would ever think a felon turned Jesus boy would make it this far after only being out of prison two months. 9 shows and 20 tracks in two months!!!! Glory to God.


1st single--->Certified Christians
2nd single--->Front Back
3rd single--->The Greatest
4th single--->Contend

Set List

35-40 min. 6 songs

Claim tha Victory, Ridin, Freestyle, Jesus tha Life, Get On My Level, Front Back

I have done a lot of covers and its usually known popular beats i.e. T.I., Jay-Z, Jim Jones, Cash Money etc.