CK Barlow

CK Barlow


I'm a songwriter focused on country music, neo-trad and contemporary, for both female and male artists. I'd love a staff writing gig. I can work alone but also love to collaborate.


I've played all kinds of music on a variety of instruments, from rock to thrash to rancheras to polkas to avant garde laptop music. But I've come back recently to my original love of songwriting. There's a calmness and clarity that comes after you've lived for a while that lends itself especially to country music writing.


You Don't Seem to See Me Anymore

Written By: CK Barlow

You Don't Seem to See Me Anymore
(c) 2007 by CK Barlow

[Verse 1]
You and me
been together too long to see
any new way to be
that might wake us up and
break this rut we seem to live in now
don't wanna give in now,
cause I still love you honey

Look at me now
I'm right here baby
I'm fading out
But we can fight to save it
You're saying everything looks fine
I'm praying maybe love is blind
'cause you don't seem to see me anymore.

[Verse 2]
A worn down door, a torn porch screen
and just a few short steps lie between
you and me
but if I reach to touch you
would it be too much
and would you walk away?
how can I make you stay
and talk like we're brand new?


I know every stain and grain of wood on this kitchen table,
'cause that's all I'm able to look at when you're in the room
The paper's old and that's twice I've read it
but if I look up I know I'll regret it
'cause your eyes never rest
on me -- and something's gotta change soon


You Were There

Written By: CK Barlow

You Were There [Male Artist Version]
Music & Lyrics © 2007 by CK Barlow

[Verse 1]
Kitchen radio
some cowboy's singing 'bout how he "loves her so...”
I make a funny face and we both laugh,
but then you grab my hand,
'cause you know I hide a sentimental side.

[Verse 2]
What would I do if I had to write a song for you?
How many pages would it take to say
in my own way
that I feel like I've known you forever?

Were you there when I first felt the sun,
first saw wild horses run,
first tasted honeysuckle in the air?
Were you there as I grew to a man
who always does the best he can,
even when life just ain't fair?
Well, I have to believe it's true, 'cause
how could you know me like you do?
You were there.

There's nothing ordinary
about the way you love me, girl.

[Verse 3]
Now here we stand
I barely see the bouquet in your hands
It's time to take my vows and how can I say
in my own way
that I feel like I've known you forever?