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Gimme Doug Or Die Tryin 2007
Pure Garbage 2010



With CKDK’s new album, “Pure Garbage,” listeners are about to discover the next step in the evolutionary sound of hip-hop. The group’s beat maker, Dan Keehnast, has created a fusion of alternative/industrial and hip-hop influenced style to create a new sound in the rap/hip-hop genre. Unmatched by any other act today, the CKDK sound covers a wide gamut of musical styles, while still keeping the listener grounded with catchy hooks and repeatable melodies.

During the summer of 2005, Keehnast, a Saint Louis native, began producing his own beats when a friend purchased some recording equipment. Keehnast, more known as a premier drummer and a guitar player, quickly began to hone his skills. Corey Kaltenbach, a friend of Keehnast’s who had also played in several bands in the Saint Louis area, started to come up with hooks and other lyrical concepts to Keehnast’s beats, and eventually decided to collaborate.

The two then decided upon the name CKDK by merely fusing their initial’s together. Soon thereafter, a third member, Phill Schwartz, was added to the line-up. Schwartz, a prominent high school athlete had no previous musical experience. However, after Schwartz began writing, it was clear he had not only a knack for song writing but also an uncanny talent as a lyricist.

With a mutual direction established, CKDK began recording while at the same time crafting the their individual personas within the context of the band. As the group’s sound took shape, CKDK decided to hit the stage. After several sold out regional shows, CKDK opened for several multi-platinum artists. It was clear the group had carved a niche in listeners’ ears with their mix of alternative hip-hop beats and zany lyrics.

CKDK has now just finished their album with platinum record producer Matt Sawicki (Murphy Lee, Nelly, Baby Huey). With Keehnast’s deep voice, Kaltenbach’s sharp sounding harsh lyrics, and Schwartz’s rapid fire lyrical approach, the trio acts more as three complimenting voices in harmony, instead of three artists laying down separate parts. The sound on “Pure Garbage” creates a blend of several styles while also showing the groups mastery of songwriting. After one listen, any musical enthusiast will see why CKDK will not be easily forgotten and why they will remain a fixture in music for years to come.