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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"New Internet Rap Star Is Craving that Million Dollar Deal"

The average musician would jump for joy the day a music label or management firm from New York City or London contacts them. An unsigned music artist would probably cut a back flip if either company wanted to give a recording deal. Not only is C.KhiD not moved by current offers, but he laughs at artist that take deals before they have demand. [ read on for more ] - VirtualSoulRadio.com

"Naybesa.com Exclusive: Janay Naybesa Interviews C.Khid"

I was able to get the South Carolina native C.Khid to answer a few questions that I’ve been wondering since I found him on YouTube while also finding out who C.Khid really is “I speak from the perspective of a country boy who was born a hustler.” he says. Below you will find out C.Khid’s biggest stepping stone, what he feels makes him stand out, his love for the “curly girl” and so much more [ read more ] - Naybesa.com

"C.KhiD - Sour Sugar And Cheerleader [Unsigned Hype]"

WSHH featured C.KHiD's music video "Sour Sugar" for free, supporting the unique single. - WorldStarHipHop.com

"New Hip Hop Songs By C.Khid, A Free Album For All Hip Hop Music Fans"

Totaling over 350,000 ringtone downloads, 4 million YouTube plays, and 100,000 views monthly to ckhid.com, it's sincerely hard to miss C.KhiD when browsing for new Hip Hop songs. [ continued on blog ] - Top40-Charts.com

"South Carolina Newcomer C.KHiD Builds Buzz Through Viral Video, iTunes Releases"

South Carolina rapper, C.KHiD, is quickly creating a buzz for himself as his views on Youtube climb into the millions, and he hopes to continue his rampage through 2011.

- BallerStatus.com

"NEW VIDEO: C.KHiD “It Is What It Is”"

First off, shout out to C.KHiD for not getting arrested for that opening joke. Haha. And then shout out to him for this nice track.

- RapRise.com

"New Music Lands Rapper C.KhiD Cover of South Carolina Magazine LINK"

South Carolina rappers are gaining popularity. The leader of the pack, C.KhiD, is also leading the new music 2011 web era. Dominating YouTube with nearly one half million views monthly, the entertainer C.KhiD is becoming a household name and his hometown took notice. Greenville, South Carolina's LINK magazine has honored C.KhiD as cover story of today's January 18th issue.

"I feel blessed to get this opportunity. There is a lot of rappers and music groups working hard here from Ricky Prince to Lions of Zion. For me to be the first Hip Hop music artist to cover LINK, it feels good. I just want to keep doing more new rap songs in 2011, bigger than ever," said C.KHiD of LINK Magazine's featuring him.
- Yahoo!

"Welcome to the future of music. Influenced by more than Rap music, buzzing Internet artist C.KHiD gets open"

Update your New Songs 2011 playlists today people. Welcome to the future of music. Influenced by more than Rap music, buzzing Internet artist C.KHiD gets open with Hot New Hip Hop music for an exclusive interview. Committed to driving positive factors out of the listeners, C.KHiD also talks about why sex, murder, and drugs don’t influence his new songs of 2011.

Download New Song “Summer Summa” Free and Read the full C.KHiD Interview Below.

Hot New Hip Hop Music: The new songs I’ve heard from you are great songs. However, do you feel you can exist in the rap industry without a more street image?

C.KHiD: Of course. I’m already doing it. I got a movement coming, I’m not just an artist. I just keep banging YouTube for attention.

Hot New Hip Hop Music: Sounds like you Wont Stop. A fitting title for your new music video and song. What made you choose this as your first single from the “Black Box Dreams 5? album?

C.KHiD: I just felt like doing it. It’s one of my favorite songs and a great feel for the summer. It makes you feel like summer is going right.

Hot New Hip Hop Music: Most music videos you see on sites like WorldStarHipHop have girls with big breasts and booty galore. Why don’t you have more of that in your videos?

C.KHiD: If I dont know the Girl, I probably wont have her in my video. Simply put. I try not to fake moves. Me and my crew have relationships with or kicked it with all girls in my videos… at the time (laughing).

Hot New Hip Hop Music: It’s obvious you dont care for murder and drugs in your music. Why that?

C.KHiD: That’s just not things I think about. I’m usually thinking about how to make it big, somewhere to travel, or making more money.

I also feel I can have doors open to me worldwide other artist cant. Like Will Smith, I want to have doors open in cultures worldwide. I can’t be him but I like to model myself after the best. The people who evolved business wise and personally.

Hot New Hip Hop Music: Hear that. Last Question Bro, What else is coming up for you this summer?

C.KHiD: I want to perform more now. My last show was in Orlando, Florida last month (July). Now that I’ve completed my 6 albums I promised the fans, I want to perform more often and go worldwide.

[ end of Hip Hop interview ]

- HotNewHipHopMusic.net

"A very unique video, C.KHiD welcomes you into his ‘have fun’ lifestyle. A country kid with city swag..."

A very unique video, C.KHiD welcomes you into his ‘have fun’ lifestyle. A country kid with city swag. - DopeHood.com

"Achieving over 1 Million views on two original music videos, the South Carolina Hip Hop artist is one to watch."

Rapper C.KHiD is one of the most popular artists when it comes to ‘New Songs 2011‘ or ‘new music’ playlists on YouTube. Achieving over 1 Million views on two original music videos, the South Carolina Hip Hop artist is one to watch. An avid fan of legendary guitarsmen, C.KHiD tells how the guitar sound influences his music and why new song “Wont Stop” has strong usage of guitar sounds …

Here’s the interview:
GN: Why does the “Wont Stop” song have strong guitar usage?C.KHiD: The guitar is one of the few instruments that has a life of it’s own when recorded. It has life and it’s not soft. When the produce, “Flash Beats”, put it together, I knew it was my song for the summer. I knew the guitar sounds would have people feeling the right vibe.

GN: Who are some of your favorite guitar players and bands in history?
C.KHiD: Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Guns n’ Roses, Kurt Cobain, and Limp Bizkit. The Beatles I have always followed. Throughout my life I’ve studied their music. Also Bob Marley, another very influential player in my life.

GN: Do you play the Guitar?
C.KHiD: No. Not seriously. When I was young I had a kid’s guitar. I have a scar on my foot from where I tried to slide on the carpet like Guns n’ Roses in the 90s. I know how to give a good stage show with a guitar though (laughing), that’s about it.

GN: What do you think of Lil Wayne playing guitar?
C.KHiD: Lil Wayne has A LOT more knowledge when it comes to music than people know. I think it’s great he brought kids that follow new Hip Hop songs closer to the live instrumentation.

GN: Thanks for the interview C.KHiD. Any last words?
C.KHiD: Stay true to your dreams guitarist … Cannot kill how I’m dreaming!

- GuitaristNation.com

"C. Khid “Keep It Rolling”"

Came across this one and had to post because it is something fresh from the South Carolina rap scene. Our state has a few artists that are really willing to just be themselves and display their art. Check the clever video by C. Khid out of Greenvilee, SC! - SCHipHop.com


LP: Black Box Dreams
LP: Black Box Dreams 2
LP: Black Box Dreams 3
LP: Black Box Dreams 4
LP: Black Box Dreams 5
LP: Black Box Dreams 6
- featured on Itunes

EP: New Songs [ Releasing May 2012 ]

"I Want This World" Music Video featured on MTV, BET, and VH1 television Networks

Music Videos 'Wonderful Girl' and "Cash On Deck" each have over 1 Million views on YouTube.

Music video "Yeah Yeah" has Nearly 3 Million Views on Youtube.

Songs "I Want This World", "Yeah Yeah", "Cash on Deck", and "Wont Stop" have recieved radio airplay in various states.



C.KhiD is a new Hip-Hop culture birthed music artist that will help redefine the genre's limitations. "A breath of fresh air," once said the founder of Down-South.com, rap music blog.

Listeners can only rate C.KhiD (pronounced C KiD) as an obviously unique individual that fits no category by rap standards. A conscious flow with major charm, C.KHiD is a catalyst to the rebirth of Hip-Hop culture and image.

Releasing his first Hip-Hop music album "Black Box Dreams" in August 2009, C KhiD is focused. Building a viral prescience on social sites such as Youtube, Myspace, and Twitter, he has since charted over 30,000 paid downloads and streams. Over 500,000 ringtone downloads via Myxer.com.

Connecting well with on-line rap fans in the US, Australia, and UK, most sales are generated from these markets. Japan is a close 3rd place market.

Popular in his hometown (Greenville, SC) as well, C.KHiD's story as not gone unheard. His Hometown Newspaper "LINK" magazine, owned by the Gannet Newspaper, did an award-winning photo journal story on the rising Youtube-found rap star in 2011. The photographer who captured C.KHiD's story, Mykal McEldowney, won 2nd place in a respected state competition.

The pen name C.KHhiD is an acronym. It stands for the phrase "Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming" which represents all striving for goals.

A new Hip-hop artist looking to stay away from following music industry trends, C.KhiD is finding major success on the web.