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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"C-Koo Slim About to Breakout"

If you see C-Koo Slim anywhere on the streets around Montreal pinch him. He needs to knoow that what's hapening to him and music is for real.
Since releaseing his CD a few months ago, the young NDGer (other name Ambrose Hamilton) is finding it hard to believe the impact it is making on those who like their dancehall fused with a little hip hop and a slight touch of raggamuffin sound.
In fact, a few radio DJs around the town like what they hear and are giving C-Koo more air play than others who've been on the scene much longer.
The magical journey for C-Koo got even more crazy earlier this month when one of his tracks, No Party, was entered in popular Battle of New Tracks on K-103FM and remained the song of choiced for listeners for a very impressive three weeks running.
In so doing, the young Montrealer was blowing all-comers from other local artists to big, big names like 50 cent to Wyclef to 50 cent and Game.
The album is called Unbreakable and it comes with 14 tracks, all written by C-Koo, all with distinctive flavors so infectious that it would be difficult to listen to in its entirety without joining in the chant and the dance.
C-Koo says the response had been so amazing that he' still trying to keep track of where his music is making waves.
"This is an unbelievasble experience for me that people are actually bumping into my music," he says. "Wehear that it has been getting good play in Europe and on many internet stations and sites."
To be honest, I can't keep track of where itr is being played. I'm just happyt that it's out there and people are listening. He says the next step will be to release a video to go with the album.
He also hopes the album generates enough interest to take him to his ultimate goal of setting up a studio to produce and work with the massive of other young perrformers here in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.
As he looks forward to getting there, C-Koo looks back at those who heloped in getting him where he is: his mentor, oanother local performer Sampaloo, who influenced him to get into the music business, and who continues to help him get some high profile gigs.
So far he has taken the stage with some big names, including Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Capleton.
And he is looking forward to getting on stage at events around the community this summer, when this city which he has been calling home for the past six years can get a taste of the music that's breaking into places he coundn't imagine.
Contact C-Koo ast (514)377-2031

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WORD ON THE STREET.I decided to put them to the test and enter them in the street sounds battle of the new tracks.Night after night you the people called in and voted for them. Ten consecutive victories guarantee you're put in rotation and get regular air-play.So far,only a handful of acts have made it. [past winners] include Lil hustlers,Teflon,Snc,C-KOO SLIM,J seven,Eye 2 eye and the N.b.a. by [DON SMOOTH] from K103.7 FM - DON SMOOTH


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So Many Girls
One a Those


Feeling a bit camera shy


My name is "C-koo Slim A.K.A. "LIL Killa"
I was born on the Caribbean isle of St. Vincent, on May 11th, 1983 and I am 22years old.
I have had an ear for music ever since I can remermber. As a kid I loved to hang on the block and compete with other like-minded friends to see who rapped the best.
I was the youngest, but I didn't let it deter me. At the age of 14 I got my first break, a chance to gig on stage in front of a huge crowd and show what I can do also gauge my skill with the other more established artists. I was really nervous but as soon as I touched the mic and the crowd responded, my nervousness disappeared.
I had conquered stage fright and I was on my way. I knew from that moment that I could make it all the way to the top. From that time on, making it to the top was my only goal. Every stage show I performed, every dupplate I cut and everything else I did was to improve my style and bring me one step closer to that goal.
Some time later I made a connection and did some tracks with the Triple Madness brothers. In one of their auditions I showed them what I can do and the different styles I had developed over the years. They loved it and they took me into the "The Triple Madness Family."
Then it really took off. They started call me C-Koo, and I was opening up shows for big stars like Beenie man, Elephant man, Capleton and Bounty killa. My goal is to be the best reggae dancehall artist ever.