4 This Hour Ministries

4 This Hour Ministries


"4 This Hour Ministries" brings a fresh embrace from the Father as we minister throughout the body of Christ both in word and music. Allow your congregation to be empowered through this positive message of God's love.


After attending Elim Bible Institute, obtaining credentials through Elim Fellowship and holding a pastorate in Central Virginia, God called Kyle & Lisa Corbin into an exciting new ministry. This ministry allows the song writing abilities of Kyle accompanied by Lisa's compassion for the spiritually wounded to draw people to reconciliation with our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. It is the vision of this ministry to:

Bring a message of the Fathers love to the "Spiritually Orphaned"

Offer the message that Christ has set us free to the many being held hostage by the lies of the enemy.

Issue a call into action for those Christians who are in a place of dormancy in their walk with God.

Through His word, testimony and music God has called this ministry to empower His people to go into the world by reminding all that Jesus Christ has set the captives free.


Elijah's Fire

Written By: C. Kyle Corbin

Wood, stone, soil and water
Wood, stone, soil and water
Jehovah is God forever

Wood, stone, soil and water
Wood, stone, soil and water
It's the Lord that turns your heart around

Summons the Israelites and the prophets of Baal
Have them meet me at Mt. Carmel
You call on your god and I'll call on the Lord and we'll see, yes we'll see...
Who answers with FIRE x5


Call upon your god just a little louder now
Maybe he's still sleeping, maybe he's on vacation far away
Do you think, tell me do you think...
He can answer with FIRE x6


Step forward now it's the time of sacrafice
Time to pray unto Jehovah
Answer me O'Lord and turn their hearts around
Let them see, let them see...
YOU answer with FIRE x6


Lord, Let Me Remember

Written By: C. Kyle Corbin

Help me Lord I can't make it through another day
The firey darts are comming to fast for me to stay
My helmet is on but my feet are sinking fast
O'Lord I don't think
I'm gonna last, don't think I can last

Now there's been times when all seemed lost to me
I looked, I searched, every solution evaded me
And just when the world was about to crash on down
I cry to You, my Solution
Has been found, My Soultion's been found

Lord, let me remember my victories in You
A victor standing tall until the end
When I saw conflict through no matter what the cost
When the enemy could not gain
A hold on me...couldn't gain a hold on me

Lord I try to think in terms of eternity
These problems won't be there, It'll just be You and me
Worshipping and praising You each and every day
I'm starting now, he can't
Take that away...can't take that away


Call Jesus

Written By: C. Kyle Corbin

Listen everyone I'm talking to you
You are the ones that I'm speaking to
Now if you call upon the name of the Son
Let me tell you there's no need to run
No need to run...no need to run

Now there's a name that's deep in your heart
You can call on when satan starts
When temptation comes don't give into shame
Take a deep breath and call out His name
Call out His name...out His name

He's standing at the right of the throne
He's your protection, cause you're not at home....
Call Jesus...Call Jesus...CALL JESUS...Call Jesus

There's only one catch, you gotta believe
Have just the faith of a mustard seed
Tell this mountain to leave this place
Get outta my face...outta my face


Call Jesus...Call out His name
Call Jesus...There's no need for shame
Call Jesus...Step into His fame

Call Jesus...


The album "Through Your Eyes" is gaining popularity through the body of Christ due to it's message of freedom, acceptance into the body of Christ and empowerment to make a difference in His Kingdom. You can listen to or purchase this CD at (www.cdbaby.com/ckylecorbin) You can also read and/or write your own review.

Set List

Typical set is around 1 hour of Music and Testimony.


Mary's Song, Kindness not Weakness,
Would you Know Him and Unconditionally
introduce us to Jesus and issue a call to

Lord Let Me Remember, He's There, The
Light of the Lord, Thomas Now Believes,
and Elijah's Fire speak of and testify to
God's love and power.

Peter Didn't Know, Her Answered Prayer,
Through Your Eyes and Tears From Heaven
(a pastors cry) speak of freedom through
the blood of christ and acceptance from the

The Pastors Plea and Call Jesus issue a call
to arms.

Rev. Kyle and Lisa are full time ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and travel via a motor home to all places of ministry. Rev Kyle and Lisa are available to present a program of music and testimony selected expecially for your church