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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | SELF

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"c.ladd on MuchMusic"

Organizer of the legendary Corefest, c.ladd is interviewed on Much Music - Much Music


c.ladd (self titled debut)
c.ladd live at the Blue Note
playset - c.ladd and walkie talkie
the classics and the heavies - c.ladd and walkie talkie
The All-Night Show - c.ladd and Bent Outta Shape
The Lost Bent Album - c.ladd and Bent Outta Shape
Final Bent - c.ladd and Bent Outta Shape



c.ladd (noun): 1. Singer, songwriter.
2. Jazz, classical, rock guitarist.

Writes: profound, beautiful, clever, poetic, intelligent, simple,
innovative songs and lyrics.

Plays: catchy original pop and rock music on an acoustic and
electric guitar - some covers and instrumental music depending on the venue.

Vocals: lush, periodically dissonant.

Style: versatility - can accommodate a range of musical styles and venues: pub, alternative, rock/pop, folk, casino, jazz, festival, exhibition/gallery, house/basement/party, etc...

Sounds like: Pixies meets Pavement meets Lou Reed meets the Clash meets some other cool "can't put a finger on it music."

Rationale: "Music, songwriting and guitar is my life."

From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Appearance: 6'1, green eyes, brown blond hair, thin, well dressed (usually).