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Claire Mortifee

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE | AFM

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2010
Band R&B Neo Soul




"Creeping On A Come Up: Claire Mortifee"

After witnessing local Vancouverite Claire Mortifee’s badass musical set; opening for The Grouch and Eligh at Fortune Sound Club, I knew HUSH had to speak with her. She carried the confidence of a veteran to the music scene while still exuding a fresh spirit.

Claire and I met at Clough Club in Gastown, where she performs an impressive three-hour weekly set, every Thursday. I found myself asking how I had not heard of her before her performance at Fortune a month ago. Having just finished writing a seventeen page application for the Red Bull Music Academy she told me ‘ they asked me everything, from what I had on my bedside table, to when the last time I cried was, to what I’d accomplished musically in the past 12 months – so I am ready for this!’ And just like that, Claire solidified how much of a beauty she really is.

Claire feels like music really chose her – before her experiences were even memories she was drawn to the stage like a magnet. It can’t hurt that her aunt’s Jane and Ann Mortifee are professional singers as well, but even with her family members being who they are, she has managed to find an authentic sound of her own. Being born and raised in Vancouver has also helped her appreciate the importance of nature, as she quickly told me how she is so often inspired by the beauty surrounding her in this city.

Claire’s music taste has significantly evolved over the last few years as her musical spirit has been awakened to the likes of vocalists such as Erykah Badu and Laura Mvula. When I asked her if she was heading to the Bone Thugs concert that weekend she responded with, “you know, I just can’t stomach misogynistic lyrics. Whenever I hear anything that’s oppressive to me or my community, I can help but skip to the next song. So you tell me, how misogynistic are they?” Wise beyond her years.

This feminist has no signs of indifference or fatigue, just a bright fire in her eyes. Not only does this 21 year-old have her solo project, but she also performs with a band called The Mothership and is half of an electronic duo, Phirefly – plus she finds time to help volunteer whenever she can. Claire has worked with Sweatshop Union, Moka Only and David Morin, just to name a few, and has just finished recording her debut EP ‘Past Paragons’ in North Vancouver at Creativ Studios. She has multiple music videos in production, and is putting in work to ensure a Canada-wide tour in the foreseeable future.

Claire is enlightened, ending all her emails to me with a ‘Bless Up’ signature and that is exactly what she is doing. “I am trying to break my old thought patterns and get rid of the fear behind them, I am trying to stay as grounded as I can. Music gives me a voice for change and I want to encourage my listeners to be themselves. It has to come from an authentic place though, I have to start by being ME.”

Girl, you’re on the right track. - Hush Magazine

"Potatohead People's Kosmichemusik is a mind-opener"

Kosmichemusik (Jellyfish Recordings)

Kosmichemusik, the third collaborative EP from Montreal beatmaker AstroLogical and Vancouver producer Nick Wisdom’s Potatohead People project, doesn’t home in on the electronic krautrock experiments of its possibly Popol Vuh–indebted title, but its synth-jazz soundscapes are mind-expanding nonetheless.

The six-song set is bookended with instrumentals, with the title track opening with fluttery softcore keyboard blips, some mildly wub-wubbed synth sounds, and ’90s trip-hop rhythms. The closer finds the perfect middle ground between New Jack Swing’s party beats and a terrifyingly oscillated John Carpenter soundtrack.

The rest of Kosmichemusik features a handful of guest vocalists, from Moka Only bringing his Sugar Bear drawl to the light and bouncy organ swirler “It Gets Good,” to veteran Detroit MC Frank Nitt, of Frank N’ Dank, dropping lines about his best girl on the lovely, electro-funk-flavoured “Back to My Shit”.

Vancouver soul singer Claire Mortifee takes the EP in the wildest direction, though, on “Blossoms”. Atop a new age–style bed of bird chirps and fluid guitar picking, the singer lists off her likes as if she’s taking part in an ’80s video-dating service (number one on her list appears to be “long walks alone around my neighbourhood”).

As previously noted, Kosmichemusik doesn’t quite live up to the title’s krautrock connotations, but it’s more than ready to send you on a cosmic journey. - Georgia Straight

"The Grouch & Eligh hit Fortune Soundclub on The Tortoise and The Crow Tour"

Vancouver, BC – Timbre Concerts brought a couple of West Coast Living Legends, The Grouch & Eligh, to Fortune Sound this past week on The Tortoise and The Crow Tour. Local openers A-Ro and Kapok with a few sassy babes, Ashleigh Eymann and Claire Mortifee gave the crowd something to scream about before G&E took the stage.

With their latest album The Tortoise and The Crow literally dropping the same day, the duo played a mix of classic G&E Music cuts, some solo joints and of course some of that new new. Check out the photo gallery by our boy Jamie Sands below. - Hip Hop Canada


Listen Up ft. Claire Mortifee by Sweatshop Union off album Infinite

The Magic ft. Claire Mortifee by Jeff Spec

Sunshowers ft. Claire Mortifee by Solar C prod. by Sunclef off album Science of Living Vol. 3

Talking Plant ft. Claire Mortifee by Indigo Kids off album Unknown Kings

Don’t Come Again ft. Claire Mortifee by Beachcombas

Blossoms ft. Claire Mortifee by Potatohead People off album Kosmichemusik

Avocado Green ft. Claire Mortifee by Nick Wisdom

Sugar Rush ft. Claire Mortifee by Nick Wisdom

The Future ft. Claire Mortifee by Nick Wisdom

Jungle Eyes ft. Claire Mortifee by Nick Wisdom

Butterfly Eyelids ft. Claire Mortifee by Slippery Elm & AstroLogical

So Good ft. Claire Mortifee by Soosh

Your Sin ft. Claire Mortifee by Aki Nair & Hahnel

Come and Listen Up ft. Claire Mortifee & Panther by The Indigo Kids

Energies ft. Claire Mortifee & A-Ro by AstroLogical

Recipe Destiny ft. Claire Mortifee by Def 3 & Factor

Soul Klepto ft. Claire Mortifee by Axiom

Push Peace ft. Claire Mortifee by Reflections prod. by AstroLogical

What You’re Missing ft. Claire Mortifee by EDGE

Beat Pilgrims ft. Claire Mortifee by Elekwent Folk off album Northern Lights

City Life ft. Panther, Slippery Elm, Kai, & Claire Mortifee by Potatohead People off album Tomatoes

Butterfly Eyelids ft. Claire Mortifee & Noah Becker by Slippery Elm prod. by AstroLogical off album Milky Ways and Other Slippery Galactic Phenomenon

Stereotypes ft. Claire Mortifee by AstroLogical



What separates a singer from a soul singer? It’s a tough question, but Canadian songstress Claire Mortifee sheds light on the answer with an undeniable musical prowess, a socially conscious lifestyle, and a message of healing and self-love that emanates through her work.

As a vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist this 21-year old Vancouver native resonates with authenticity. Her refined vocal ability, radiant stage presence, and lyrical honesty combine colorful poetics with universal life lessons. The jazz-laden nuances of Claire’s live performance exemplify her sincere passion for neo-soul a la Erykah Badu and Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon.

A year and a half in the making, her debut record Past Paragons is an impeccable alchemy of the aforementioned ingredients. Featuring collaborations with other rising stars in the Vancouver music scene, the record’s 6 songs vary from electronic down-tempo to uplifting nu jazz, all linked by its confident neo-soul flavour. Starlite, produced by Astrological, serves up a dreamy 70’s beat, while Martyrs is a powerful groove-laden ode to womanhood, the lyrics in its chorus excerpted from an ancient Indian poem depicting the Hindu goddess Kali. 

“Indian spiritual philosophy has provided me with beautiful metaphors and supportive companionship to assist me on my healing journey. Hindu goddesses in particular have helped me to cultivate the strength of my spirit,” says Claire. She also leads the five-piece future-jazz/funk-fusion band aptly named Claire Mortifee & the Mothership, which she considers to be the ideal support for her solo efforts.

Born and raised in a musical family (her aunts are singers, Ann and Jann Mortifee), Claire’s compulsion to the stage precedes her ability to remember it. She began writing music at age 12, and performing that music by 15, but it wasn’t until she was 17 that she discovered her affinity toward the diverse sound and culture of hip-hop, soul, and RnB. “I liked how it made me feel…” she recalls.

In addition to her music, Claire has an active spiritual practice and relationship with herself. Her numerous other passions range from teaching the art of free-styling as a form of empowerment at battered women’s shelters to harnessing the power of crystals in the form of her own hand-made rings and chains.

“My goal as an artist is to be as authentic as possible, because all I can really offer is my honesty, my story, and my perspective,” she says. “I am constantly working to cultivate deeper self-love and groundedness, and that’s something I encourage my audience to take part in in their own lives. To be more compassionate with themselves, and to love themselves for everything they are in this moment… In my mind, that is the key ingredient to a successful revolution: whole-hearted, shameless self-love.

Claire Mortifee is a soul singer.  

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