Claire Coleman

Claire Coleman


My passion is to make music for the share joy of joining thoughts and melody together in a poetic and poignant way. I write songs out of the quiet space within, where that ever present voice whispers loud.


I am a singer/songwriter from Christchurch, New Zealand and am currently completing my final year in a degree in musical arts at CPIT Jazz School.

My song writing style is reflective and moody... a good mood : ) and tells a story that I hope will move and motivate people.

This is all pretty deep stuff but at the bottom of it all is simply a love of music.



Written By: Claire Coleman

Pieces of you and me
Sailing away on a breeze
Like Clergyman John
On a ship bound for stormy seas

We tether ourselves to the bones
Of a vessel that creaks and moans
While the storm crashes by
Where the wrestles souls lie bound indeed

Take me to the truth of myself
Take me there, there is nobody else

Pieces of us on the shelf with the dust
Making their way through these Ancient pages
Of love and of hate, regrets and mistakes
Yet a common bond will bind
The pieces of time

Pieces of you and I
In the Pharisee Saul on the road passing by
A dusy old trail where we slip and we fail

Longing for freedom from scales
To be freed by a true love a hammer and nail
Blinded by light in the truth that we fight
But finally see.