Claire Domingue

Claire Domingue

 Austin, Texas, USA

Claire Domingue is a singer/songwriter, guitar player, and classically trained pianist. Her music is a blend of folk and rock with lyrics fueled by personal experience.


A classical piano player since age 6, guitar player, singer and songwriter since 14, Claire has made music her life. Spending her days teaching music lessons, and her nights playing shows, she has taken the stories of her life and those close to her to create personal and emotional songs rooted in multiple genres. On her newest album, The Shape of Sounds, you'll hear everything from classical piano to electric guitar, with a little mandolin, strings, and a broken Rhodes mixed in. Catch her live, and you'll get the same passion and energy from the record.


"Someday You'll Know" - full length LP, released December 2009

"The Shape of Sounds" - full length LP, release January 2014

Both records are on Spotify and available for purchase on CD Baby and iTunes.

Set List

My set lengths vary according to the show, but I can play over 3 hours if needed, and up to an hour and a half of original material.