Claire Guerreso

Claire Guerreso


I started singing when I was a little girl. Looking for virtue in everything. I live for the singing of, writing of, and recording of music. Often I wake up with lyrics on the tip of my tongue. I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people in L.A, New York and Nashville.


I have been compared to Feist, Fiona Apple, and Regina Spektor. My goal is to keep honesty, integrity, fun, and freedom in my music. I love performing and putting on a show. I have been influenced by my everyday life and experiences.



Written By: Claire Guerreso

V: Follow me Follow you
To our pink and yellow room where we'll play a mean game of tug o' war
Love me and I'll love you all the way to our balcony
made of glass let's make it last make it last

Matador, I adore you
Promise never to wear red
wouldn't want to take you life take mine instead

Meet me in the dark we'll make flame from a spark
We can if you give us a chance
Put your bullwhip away it's okay
I've got a rosary to keep us safe


I'm going to Mexico
Where the women run wild and the men cum slow
I'm going to Mexico
Gonna take my hips to a man who knows how it's done



My EP came out in April 2008. It is titled "AS IS". Check it out on

Set List

I don't do covers. I write all of my own songs.
Our typical set list is Where's That Girl, Matador, Sleep, My Satellite, and Your Ghost.