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"Amie Street Artist"

Amie Street has hit the big 30, in number of post. Every week Amie Street sends out a news letter, or more of a recomendation list to the members of Amie Street. I found some very interesting stuff in this weeks news letter. Today's artist is from that very letter.

Claire Guerreso, can sing. She has an out standing voice and her music is smooth. She is listed under alternative and pop music. There is some blues, funk, and other types of influence that you hear coming out of the speakers.

It is really hard to recommend just one one song from Claire. The entire album is just fantastic. You should really add this to your collection. Do it now! I have to pick one, and only one. So I'm going to pick My Satellite.

My Satellite is what sold me on Claire. It is poppy, not as in pop music, more bouncy type of sound. It really is something that you can either sit back and enjoy, or get into. It is not head banging, just, well it is just good music. I hope that you enjoy.

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"Album Review"

Two months ago, Claire Guerreso released her EP As Is (). I got the album at the time and have been meaning to recommend it. The EP probably won't be played in any high-faluting coffee shops, but that is okay. I don't think that's the audience she is going for. It is a solid effort and a preview of what Ms. Guerreso is capable. The stand out track of the album is 'Matador.' There is a lot of energy in the song, making it fun to listen to. I don't think that it showcases her voice as well some of the other tracks, but it's one that surely will be one of her biggest hits. Claire came across my post about the knitted music video and suggested that the track 'My Satellite' from her EP would have fit well with it. I played the song through iTunes while I played the video. She was right - it did work well, which is pretty impressive considering how upbeat her song is. It's milder than 'Matador', but more perky than the song used in the original, and it still works. The EP would be a good addition of pop to almost any music library. - Unknown


Claire Guerreso - "As Is" - EP (Self-Released)
Claire Guerreso - "Skin and Bones" - EP - Due January 2009 w/Infinity Cat Recordings



The moment she walks in a room, you notice her. She leaves no space for false perception; no reason to question the candid soul inside. With original, eclectic melodies; the smooth, breezy voice of a musical sensation; and a confident personality that emulates nothing less than authenticity, singer/songwriter Claire Guerreso is taking on the world through music—the most honest way she knows how.

Influenced by the alternative-rock style and smoky croon of Fiona Apple, combined with the metaphorical lyrical touch of Joni Mitchell, Guerreso calls her sound "Indie Rock," or better yet, "What It Is," the self-created genre she playfully claims is the most fitting. That could be why she chose the title "As Is" for her debut EP release which included the untainted collection of Guerreso's favorites "Matador," "Sandcastles," and "Where's That Girl." In all of her music, listeners will find she combines the best of rock, pop, jazz, blues, and R&B in each catchy arrangement, and highlights her self-written descriptive lyrics with misty, velvety vocals.

Shannon Sanders, producer, has worked with Guerreso on several projects for over two years. “I always enjoy working with Claire because she is constantly taking me to musical places I wouldn’t think to go to on my own. She’s so creative, innovative, and original—it’s all a direct reflection of who she is.”

Guerreso's talent is extended from singing and songwriting to playing multiple instruments, from piano, guitar, drums, and even the accordion, which was featured in her EP single "Where's That Girl." Her desire to prove that she's more than just "another pretty blonde" and her goal of achieving career longevity have influenced her to recently shift her live shows from being primarily vocal to including piano and guitar. "I realize people need to come to my show and see everything I am capable of in 45 minutes; and I want to make it fun onstage for myself and the audience."

Guerreso lived in many parts of the world throughout her childhood, everywhere from Detroit, MI and Boulder, CO, to Australia, Mexico, Hawaii, and Canada. "I'm ready to go on tour. I feel like I've been on tour my whole life." She notes that many of the places she has resided over the years have influenced her songwriting. "I wrote "Matador" last summer when I was in Mexico. The lines about a rosary and bull whip—those things were really there with me."

Currently residing in Nashville, TN, Guerreso is a five-year and counting contribution to the music business and loving every second of it. This fall, she's spending her time songwriting and working with producer Robert Ellis Orrall, founder of Infinity Cat Records, to perfect her latest yet-to-be-titled EP. She expects it to include six tracks, all of which are self-written. "This EP is going to be a lot different than the first production-wise. I was told I had to do things a certain way the first time, but I'm going in a new direction with this one—it's more representative of me."

Look for Claire Guerreso's newest EP release in Winter 2009. As for the musical marvel herself, she'll still be doing everything it takes to make every one of her innate ambitions come true—and she'll be doing it no other way than her own. "My aspiration of singing, writing, and performing lies in the freedom to be me. It hasn't always been easy but I made it to where I am just by being who I am."

Watch out music moguls, because Claire Guerreso isn't about to change now.