Gosford, New South Wales, AUS

My focus is on creating songs that can be appreciated and enjoyed by a variety of audiences. I perform as a solo artist volcalist/guitar, duo, or as a vocalist in a band.


My name is Claire, I am 16 years of age and was inspired to write songs about 12 months ago. I was performing as a solo artist, from the age of 12, mostly using backing tracks at local esteddfords and more recently Youth in Performing Arts and local Showcase concerts. This year I was successful in getting to the third round of the selection process for the Talent Development Project, which further motivated my desire for being a singer/songwritier. I also enjoy singing as part of a live band, which I have had the opportunity to do at quite a number of school and local performances. The genres I prefer are pop/rock/country and jazz and these influence my song selection and song writing. ances. The inspiration for song writing came from trying to decide upon songs that I would like to sing for various school and local concerts. It was often a difficult decision picking an appropriate song that would deliver the performance I was after, so I decided to take up the challenge of writing my own songs. This is definately a difficult task, considering the appropriate lyrics, structure and enjoyment. I hope that people enjoy my songs and I am continuing to write more.


The songs below were recorded in my lounge room and feature Jacob Emerson on guitar and backing vocals. Recorded on hand held recorder as part of a rehersal for a Lizotte's restaurant gig. You can hear these songs as well as some covers on my myspace/clairejean site. I do however play these songs with my own guitar when busking.

Take no Risks
Time to Shine
Got him while you could
Trust You