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Claire-Louise Fallis

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Breathe You Out

Written By: Claire-Louise Fallis

Verse One

Inside every thought and dream
You have an effect on me
Yeah you know the kind that leaves you hoping
And wondering what could’ve been

When I close my eyes I see you
You’re always there I feel you


I need to breathe you out of me
Maybe then I’ll start to believe
Gotta open my eyes and realize
Gotta stay strong and hold on
‘Cause I know you don’t belong here in my heart
Someday I’ll find a way to breathe
Breathe you out of me

Verse Two

So I may have learned to shake it off
And pretend I don’t care
I know you won’t be there when I need you
And I keep telllin’ myself you’re messing with my mind
I’m gunna move on and leave you behind

Gotta learn to love gotta learn to trust
Without you by my side

Repeat Chorus

As night falls your shadow is all around
I can’t hide myself from you anymore
The fear inside holds me down
I wanna feel alive again

Repeat Chorus to end

Just Let Go

Written By: Claire-Louise Fallis

I keep fooling myself
Thinking you'll change
Nothing ever goes right it stays the same
Now I'm tired of your stupid games

I remember how
You played me
You blamed me
I'll get you outta my head eventually

I wanna leave you behind
Move on with my life, erase the past
Tomorrow can't come fast enough
I say whatever will be will but
It's like you're a ghost and
You're haunting me
When I wanna be free I wanna be free
Just let go of me

verse two

Let's rewind, take it back to the beginning
I thought you were the perfect guy
You were so beautiful, It was magical until I released
Now I’m seeing you for what you really are
You can’t hide it no more ‘cause

I remember how
You pushed me around
Always dragging me down
Well not this time

Repeat Chorus

I remember how
I loved you and
I'd do anything for you
But you didn’t care did you