Claire Marise

Claire Marise

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Claire Marise is a writer who loves to sing. One day she decided see if she could combine the two and bought a guitar.



Written By: Claire Marise Francis

Got dressed, got in line
The way I do
Ticket man said “Ready, girl,
For someplace new?

We’ve got a different track
Today in mind
Time now, join the fray,
Til we’re in line.”

I admit I am here
Under duress.
Need to take a new train
Not your Express.

Down this new twisted road
Marked with lies
No one makes a law
‘less someone dies

Stone for a stone you say,
Sword for sword.
I thought vengeance-day
Was for the Lord.

In pursuit at top speed
Western minds and soil.
Reasons you won’t heed
Passengers your foil.

And so we send
Weapons, planes, soldiers.
Innocents in graves
Parentless get older.

This plan won’t rectify
I can’t be kind
Their eyes won’t satisfy
And all will be blind.

CH (3):
We who are on your ride
What do we have
To save what’s inside?
Only God, I confess.

Nine-eleven fresh in mind
Stars fallen, though they still shine
How much pain
Must we witness?

My heart, it can’t take much more
Still you want to settle your score.
Take us on in agony
Til nothing’s left

Here we are
On your Express.

This is one train
We can’t afford to ride
Tickets cost too much
But we’re inside…

Deliver Me

Written By: Claire Marise Francis

Hang on endlessly
For what’s never there.
Music’s gone too long.
Notes hang in the air.

(And you) look at me with eyes
That won’t see a thing
Your hands? Can’t feel.
Try, but touch nothing.

Won’t be bound and tied
Waiting to be real
Going to give myself
Something you can’t steal.
I’m too strong to kill
Too old not to see
Gonna run, gonna fly--
Deliver me.

Verse 2
Watching, wait in vain
Wishing for a change
Give my all to pain
When you call my name

Just to tear me down
Shoot through all I build
You won’t turn around
Empty love can’t fill…

Verse 3
You have been my all
‘Til I’m without self.
Undermined my will
No more inside left.

Why should I wait
‘Til my angel calls
To sing this soul’s song--
Just to speak at all?