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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"And For Our Next Trick Review..."

Atlanta-based Clan Destined remixed seven of its tracks from their debut LP Abracadamn on their May release And For Our Next Trick. The three new tracks on Trick are “The Wild Card,” (featuring VJC recording artist Felix the Black Cat) “Your Mine” and “Manifest Destiny.” The duo DJ AmbiDextrous (AKA AmDex) and DT made their way to Atlanta from Raleigh, NC and Hickory, NC, respectively, and met at Atlanta‘s Morehouse college, along with crew-mate Felix of the VJC.

The remix CD And For Our Next Trick was picked up by VJC’s offshoot, Rawkus Records, part of the Rawkus 50 movement (50 of the “next important hip-hop groups”) making Clan Destined the first hip-hop group based in the ATL to sign a deal with the company.

Clan Destined’s And For Our Next Trick is filled with smooth hip-hop tracks, some mellow and some driving a bass beat that can be both heard and felt. After five smooth, mellow tracks, track six, “We Stay,” featuring SumKid Majere, DeeJay PudgEmcee and X-Ro, picks up with a stronger, richer sounding bass. This track deserves to be turned up so listeners can feel it as well. Track ten, “Manifest Destiny,” with its clever plays on words and thoughtful lyrics, will have listeners tapping their feet and snapping fingers to the beat before realizing it. - Performer Magazine

"ABBRACADAMN!!! review"

"AmDex and DT are two multi-talented mc/producers/deejays that make up the Atlanta based Clan Destined. Intellectual lyrics and some very experimental production, including a song in which they are scratching their own vocals as they trade verses. Sometimes you need to be inspired by the old school to create something new...and Abbracadamn does just that." -

"ABBRACADAMN!!! review"

"Clan Destined are like the Batman Utility Belt or Swiss Army knife of hip hop – in as much as they’re multi-functional in a compact package. The duo, the cleverly named DJ AmbiDextrous aka AmDex & DT (who hail from Atlanta & Hickory, North Carolina respectively) collaborate in equal measure as MCs, DJs, producers & musicians. Harsher critics might say, ‘it’s not a good thing to try and be all things to all people’. I’d say that multi-tasking is no mean feat, particularly when it’s done adroitly, as these guys show they’re capable of." -Vie Marshall -


-Never All Ways still getting considerable radio airplay and mixtape coverage

And For Our Next Trick...(VJC/Rawkus)
-"Manifest Destiny" chosen for the radio play with Foundation Media and Rawkus 50 mixtape


Feeling a bit camera shy


Clan D is the two-man team out of the umbrella group, the VJC based out of Los Angeles. Dex (ATL-raised) and DT (NC-raised) met on the AUC strip in South Atlanta, and instantly began trading production secrets and sharing memories of sampling the same records years before they met. Now, they've released ABBRACADAMN!!! on Domination Recordings in partnership with their home-based label, VJC Recordings and a follow-up remix EP through Rawkus Records as part of the Rawkus 50 campaign. Their first single, "Plan B" entered as the number 1 most-added single on the college charts and is currently in the top 10 on both Rap Attack and Rap Network charts (1/16/07). It's Destined!! the official bio is at you