BandHip HopJam

We try to use hip hop as a way to bridge the gap between it and other forms of music and expression. And make it fun while doing so.


From Atlanta,GA, these two redefine what it means to be a hip hop duo.Able to carry multiple, and interchanging resposiblities make both the music and the shows a sight worth seeing.For the last six years ClanDestined has opened for acts such as little brother,mike jones, count bass D, bonecrusher, supastition,collective efforts,and soundtribe sector 9 amongst a slew of others.


Abbracadamn!!!(domination recordings)
And For Our Next Trick(Rawkus/Domination recordings)

Set List

We prefer a 35-45 minute set but are known to go all night. We interveave between Djing, mixing, playing keys and beat machines all while rapping at the same time. A lot of movement,many things to keep an audiences attention.