Clan Dyken

Clan Dyken

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A band of brothers with the last name of Dyken. Clan Dyken has toured the world playing a special mix of rock, folk, world and other world influenced music. Making an incredible amount of sound for three people, they draw on the influence of a truly alternative lifestyle to move audiences


A band with heart, Clan Dyken is well know for the vision of a better world they present in their lively stage show. Combining poignant, topical lyrics with music that makes people want to dance they have livened up clubs, festivals, concert halls and many unusual venues around the world like demonstrations, reservations, steet corners and remote corners of the wilderness. They have been described as rock, world beat, folk, alternative and many other styles, but continue to evolve beyond labels. They make special presentations to schools, colleges and conferences. Influenced by a lifestyle of activism that brings them in touch with a wide variety of people and culture and many musical styles. You have to see and hear them to know why they touch so many hearts where ever they play. Check the web site for more info and background.


1987-Clan Dyken
1988- Song Catcher
1991- Family Values
1992- Shudahai
1993- Clan Dyken Live
1996- Green Prayer
!998- Revive the Beauty Way
2002- Love Is
All released by Clan Dyken on the Forward Productions Label
Bush League Hits released in 2001 by Bear Dyken on the Forward Productions Label
Spell Breaker set for release in summer 2004 on the Forward Productions Label.

Set List

There is no typical Clan Dyken set list. The band plays for 3 hours straight in concert or breaks it up in a night club. Festival sets are typically 90 minutes long. Sets usually contain a variety of original material, perhaps a few covers from a wide variety of artists from the Beatles to Van Morrison to Ben Harper, Woody Guthrie, Bob Marley, Kate Wolf or Wavy Gravy. Watch for a percussion jam and a big drum circle dance to close the show.