Clan MacLeod

Clan MacLeod


Clan MacLeod is Roderick MacCloud, a thirty-year veteran of the Great Highland Pipes, and Kyle MacCloud, with ten years experience on the snare drum. In Rod's thirty years, he has played in numerous pipe bands, and in 1996 he co-founded the Pipes and Drums of the Atlantic Watch, based in Monmouth County, NJ. The Atlantic Watch has performed several times in Scotland, Bermuda, Canada, and all over the eastern United States. A bagpiper makes any event special, but a piper with a drummer... well, i


RW MacLeod entered the world of piping in 1985 when he joined the 84th Royal Highland Regiment Of Foot. In 1993, he co founded the Pipes and Drums of the Atlantic Watch, a highly successful group that continues to this day. RW has performed with the Watch in Scotland, Bermuda, New Orleans, Fort Ticonderoga, the Battleship Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and England. He is still active, playing events all along the Eastern seaboard.

Kyle MacLeod began drumming at the age of 12 under the tutelage of Gordon Bell. He entered the competition scene and was awarded the John Murray Memorial Trophy at the Colonial Highland Gathering in 2004. The same year he took 1st place at the Nassau County Games. During this time he competed with the Pipes and Drums of the Atlantic Watch alongside his father. After high school, Kyle decided to leave the competition scene to focus on other musical projects, but in his junior year at Ramapo College he met up with Joe Smolinski and co founded the Claddagh Pipe Band. After just two years the band was formidable competition in Grade 4. Kyle currently runs the drum corps of the Pipes and Drums of the Atlantic Watch and Claddagh Pipe Band. He has performed in Hawaii, Scotland, India, and all over the Eastern coast.