Clara Sanabras

Clara Sanabras

 London, England, GBR

"highly accomplished....vibrantly exotic world-folk" (R2) "richly between Camille, Mariza and Joanna Newsom" - a gorgeous place to be. (Uncut). I had a no.1 hit single in South-America and I feature in soundtracks like The Hobbit, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hunger Games.


Clara Sanabras enigmatic voice and multi-instrumentalism features in top Hollywood soundtracks such as The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Snow White and The Huntsman, For Greater Glory and The Lord of The Rings in Concert.

Born in France, raised in Barcelona, now a Londoner, Clara is an exceptionally versatile musician and captivating performer. She sings and accompanies herself on baroque guitar, Indian harmonium, oud, charango, her English lyrics breaking into Catalan, Spanish French, her music as varied as her background.

In an impressive back catalogue of recordings, theatre and screen credits, Clara features in recent top movie soundtracks including The Hobbit, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hunger Games, has appeared at many international festivals & venues including Glastonbury, Sydney Opera House, O2 Arena, The London Jazz Festival and Womad, and collaborated with seminal artists including James Horner (Titanic), Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings), Jarvis Cocker, and she appears on screen alongside Al Pacino in The Merchant of Venice movie (Mike Radford 2004), on radio with Bill Nighy in the BBC Radio 3 play The Don, on stage with director Nicholas Hytner at the National Theatre and in concert under the guidance of Karlheinz Stockhausen, the forefather of electronica. Her music will feature in Simon Schamas forthcoming documentary The Story of the Jews (Sept 2013). She has released three albums of original songs, produced by Harvey Brough (Harvey & The Wallbangers) and Peter Schwier (Dexys).

Her song Nada Igual, as heard in La Reina del Sur was no. 1 in the iTunes charts (Mexico) in June 2011.

Since she burst into the global music scene in 2006, with the highly acclaimed album Clara & The Real Lowdown (Smudged Discs), produced by maverick producer and composer Harvey Brough (Harvey and The Wallbangers), theyve recorded another two albums: Hopetown House featuring The Real Lowdown, a collective of the finest folk, jazz and world musicians in London, and The Emblem, released in February 2012.
With her forthcoming 4th album and after the success of her critically-acclaimed soundtrack credits and world tours, she returns to her roots with an elegy to exile, told in Spanish, Catalan, French and English. "Scattered Flight" - Songs of Spanish Exile, features stellar guests including Eliseo Parra, Cobla Sant Jordi, The Elysian Quartet, is produced by Harvey Brough and recorded by Peter Schwier (Dexys) and will be released in September 2013.


Dovetailing Love

Written By: Clara Sanabras

Consider a tree, exposed at the root
lifting the ground in search of another
one still bearing fruit...

Imagine the strain, the courage it takes
To listen to your heart
To go against the grain...

To try to resist
To resist the might
The might that pulls us apart

From the waist to the nape
We’re a similar shape
That fits like hand in glove
Infinite is the length
The unbeatable strength
Of this dovetailing love

As deserts unite
Wilderness prevails
In spite of the distance
Our love still dovetails

So try to resist
To resist the might
The might that pulls us apart

Tokyo Cherry Blossom

Written By: Clara Sanabras

Life is ephemeral,
The future is unforeseen
So stop waisting your time
And cease the day

Let’s walk up to the temple
Have a picnic in the park
While the cherry blossom
is on display

Tokyo Cherry Blossom
You only live once,
So gather ye rosebuds while you may
Tokyo Cherry Blossom
Hear what I say
Tokyo Cherry Blossom
Before you fall away

There’s no time like the present
Tomorrow will be too late
So just follow your instinct
Don’t just wait

It’s the first day of school
Then we’re jumping in the pool
While the cherry blossom is on display

Even if you believe in Samsara

The Emblem

Written By: Clara Sanabras

Off I go,
Deep into the realm of dreams
Back in time through the cracks of reality
By the long stretch of road in front of me
Garnerings of forgotten things

Form the emblem of my life

Memories are made of fiction and fact
Where polar opposites attract
-We’ve always been in it together baby ooh-
Made so many resolutions
But nothing can be altered or erased
Because all these beautiful, painful feelings

Form the emblem of my life

Pheasant feathers in my hair
Cherry blossom everywhere
Undiscovered oceans of the deepest blue
Waiting for me, waiting for you

Hotel rooms in high up floor
When love is knocking on my door
A thousand different combinations of the same
All within a human frame

Form the emblem of my life.

Ode to Jimmy Jo

Written By: Clara Sanabras

It was a 23rd of February
After a long and deadly storm at sea
The castaway was washed ashore
His pulse was slow, his clothes were torn
He really looked as if he’d just been born
Could it be Robinson Crusoe??
He said: my name is Jimmy Jo
And I was on board the burning ember
The rest I can’t remember...

A local family took him in
His kindness got under their skin
And in their hearts they held him dear
He’d tend the flock and cut the kelp
With the young and old he’d always help
But now and then, he’d disappear

He said his name was Jimmy Jo
And he was on board the burning ember
The rest he can’t remember

And no one knows where Jimmy Jo goes
Don’t go, Jimmy Jo
And no one knows where Jimmy Jo goes
Come back, Jimmy Jo

And every time he did come back
He said he’d never left
He just lost track.... momentarily
Some people said he’d gone to Spain
The doctors scanned and X-Rayed his brain
Tried to jog is memory

And no one knows where Jimmy Jo goes
Don’t go, Jimmy Jo

My name is Jimmy Jo
and although I really can’t remember
The one thing that I know is:
This is home, sweet home
From January to December

And I’m staying put.

Havanera del Comiat

Written By: Clara Sanabras

M’acomiado, m’en haig d’anar
Faig com va feia l’havanera
Travessant el gran oceà
Però sense oblidar
D’on sóc ni d’on era....

L’havanereta blanca dels meus records
princesa, va de nits d’estiu vestida
donzella, perfumada de “rom cremat”
embriaga l’enamorat,
i a tots endolçeix la vida.

Quan jo era xic, cantaven a Tamariu
l’Hermós, el Niño i l’Abelardo
I entre havaneres passava el temps
Els pares deien Anem!
I jo els hi deia no tardo, no tardo...!

Malaguanyada doncs l’Hora del Adeús
I aquells que marxaren per l’Exili
Jo sí, puc tornar a la vora dels meus
Però molts pregaren als Deus
sense trobar mai auxili

Sempre recordarem als que ens van deixar
I que mai no ens falli la memòria
Son élls els defensors d’aquesta nació
pares de la tradició
Que forma la nostra història


El Vol Dispers - Songs of Spanish Exile (SMU 606), LP forthcoming release 2014.  

Scattered Flight (SMU605) - 7" Vinyl Single, sept 2013. Launch on September 20th at Kings Place London. 

The Emblem (SMU604)- launched January 2012 - LP. Airplay and streaming for "The Emblem", "Ode to Jimmy Jo", "Trace of an Accent"

Hopetown House (SMU602) 2009 -LP
Airplay for "Hopetown House", "Snowman & I", "El nen dels cent anys", "Barcelona Blues"

Clara & The Real Lowdown (SMU601) 2007- LP
Airplay for "Mediterrneo", "Eglantine", "Blue Burning Woods"

Nada Igual (SMU600) 2006- Single
Synced to 31 episodes of "La Reina del Sur" , a 2011 Telemundo production.


Featured as solo vocalist in "The Hobbit" soundtrack 2012

Featured as solo vocalist in "For Greater Glory" soundtrack 2012

Featured as solo vocalist in "Snow white and The Huntsman" soundtrack 2012

Featured a solo vocalist in Simon Schama's BBC2 documentary "The Story of the Jews" 2013

"O Euchari" arr. & performed by Clara Sanabras for the Spanish movie "De tu ventana a la ma", premiered at Seminci 2011.

"La Vida Callada" for Natacha Atlas' album "Ana Hina' (Harmonia Mundi-World Village 2008), which received raving international reviews and airplay.

"Song in Brothel" by Clara Sanabras. Sync for The Merchant of Venice -The Movie- with Al Pacino. Soundtrack (Decca 2004)

Set List

Scattered Flight
Tokyo Cherry Blossom
Nada Igual
Ode to Jimmy Jo
Adeu Serra de Montsant
Havanera del Comiat
Si Verias
For whom the bell tolls
Nani, nani
El nen dels cent anys
Barcelona Blues