Clara Gray-Stallings

Clara Gray-Stallings


I love experimenting with all different types of music. I challenge myself to compose a variety of music genres. My lyrics cover whatever topics I find to be powerfully inspiring, and I always try to incorporate hidden meanings as well as the main message. My vocal style fits well into soul and R&B.


I am a sixteen-year-old high school senior, and I live in a small town in the Rocky Mountains. I compose all of my music and write all of the lyrics. I also record and produce it by myself using some old family recording equipment.

Stevie Wonder and Natasha Bedingfield are two of my many musical influences. My primary instruments are keyboard/piano and guitar. I also play Celtic harp, Andean pipes, clarinet, ukulele, and mandolin.

I try to send meaningful messages through the songs I write, whether they be related to world issues, racism, love, trauma, or philosophical concepts.

Writing, performing, and producing music as one person is hard work. I'm not part of a band, and I've only recorded in a formal studio once for my song "Splash of Color." But music is what I live for, and creating it is worth the challenge. I believe there is no better form of expression.


Keep Me

Written By: Clara Gray-Stallings

Do you hear me?
Do you feel me?
Do you need me?
Please explain why you were holding my hand
I never really thought you’d feel the way I always felt
Now that you do, I don’t know how to handle it well
Though I’ve been cautious merely trying to control myself
My common sense is soaking into the sand

I don’t know how I’m suddenly turning your head
But you’re making me happy
Lace your fingers with mine and look into my eyes
If you like, You can keep me

I lose my eyesight
because you always occupy my mind
But I know this time
I’m not going to stand back and hesitate
I cross the line and you’re welcoming me with a smile
A smile that stays on your face for quite a while
I think it’s obvious that you’re no longer in denial
And I don’t see a reason why this should wait

(Speak your mind, please. Say you want me)


I’ll paint a watercolor image of the two of us
Underneath rainy clouds and the flowers in the trees
(La da da da da da da da da)
Just the sort of picture that would live inside a dream

We’re almost together now
So why are we just standing around?
Let those words out
Like this time is the only chance you will get
I know you’re shy, but I promise you can handle me
Can’t you see there’s a first time for everything?
You didn’t hold me close to you accidentally
I still feel warm when I see your silhouette


(You can kiss me)

Splash of Color

Written By: Clara Gray-Stallings

I see your face behind a window pane
On the second floor, watching the rain
Stream down, it’s beautiful outside
But you’d rather sit back in your house and hide
You don’t need to be afraid of this
You could use a little burst of happiness
It’s up to you to walk out that door
But I think you’re gonna find what you’re looking for
I’ll shine you sunlight if you splash color in my life
I’ll shine you sunlight if you splash color in my life
Umbrellas are all you see
And lights reflecting off the street
Come out so I can talk to you
And shine right through the black and blue

The air is crystal and the trees are jade
But you’re treating it all like a hand grenade
The sky hasn’t overflowed
And I promise you that it won’t explode
You don’t need to be afraid of this
You could use a little burst of happiness
It’s up to you to walk out that door
But I’d like to know you just a little bit more
Come dance on the rainy sidewalk next to me
Breathe it, feel it, ‘cause it’s more than people see
I’ll keep moving if you tell me I should leave
But what’s the harm in letting go, honestly?
(Honestly, Honestly)
I’ll shine you some bright sunlight
If you splash color in my life