Clara Sosa

Clara Sosa


Clara Sosa the new image of the latin Christian music, extraordinary singer,her raise is Afro-Caribean with the flavor of the latin music puts in her the grace to take messange of the Word of God. Clara transmits to each culture that her touches with her music, the freeshness of the caribean music.


Clara Sosa. born in the Dominican Republic. Graduated in civil engineer in the Autonoma University of Santo Domingo, R.D.
In 1984. She accepted Jesus Christ in her heart and decided to dedicate her life and talent to him. She have participated in
numerous Christian groups like: Arpa Evangelica,
in the Dominican Republic, Cantico Nuevo and
Escojido para Alabar in New York.

In 1997. She performed her first musical album titled: "Tan Solo Me Basta" the album,through the Grace of God,
has been performed three times to a sold out audience. God has blessed her with this musical album and given us the gift
of a full house for two out of three major concerts in New York and Orlando.florida, as well as two promotional trips to Puerto Rico,
the Dominican Republic, and numerous state throughout the U.S.A..

In 2005. She performed her second album titled"Te Adorare" this album captures the celebration of the abundant life in Christ
and the love of Lord.
With spirited melodies and rhythm "Te Adorare" in the voice of Clara Sosa something that you never forgot because God touched your heart.

From the release of second album "Te Adorare' in Augost of 2005 have happened many things like nominated to the Paoli2005 Awards like:
singer of the year, 2006 have received four nominated in the Momentum Awards of indieheaven, also this another nominated in the Paoli2006,
and six new nominated in the Awards Arpa2006 in mexico.

This album is receiving radio airplay all across the Unite State on over 100 radio station and in other countries. like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and brazil.

This versatil singer with very own merenque style, this captivating the hearts and the testa of the people of God by the latin music.
She work very hard to stay realfor God people, Clara continues to surprise everyone and be who she is.
Clara uses her song to relate and reach her community as well.

Clara Sosa, is currently a member of the Gospel Music Association (G.M.A.), Academy of music and art and recording (Grammy), Association of Pastors in New York. and church of God M.B. Juan 3:16 in Orlando, florida.


"Tan Solo Me Basta"
"Te Adorare"

Set List

1er. album "Tan Solo me Basta" :
Cuanto mas,
Tan Solo me Basta,
No Sigas Asi,

2do. album "Te Adorare" :
Rosa de Saron,
Hoy yo Quiero,
Por tu Gran Poder,
Ya no vivo Yo,
Cuanto te Amo,
Y Es que te Amo,
Tu, Te Adorare,
El Lirio de los Valles.