clara venus

clara venus


Pop-tinged rock 'n' roll driven by a healthy dose of nihilism.


"This New York trio that took their name from a line in a Rimbaud poem (impressive) took four years to follow up their EP with the LP, but they haven't forgotten what they were up to. The Replacements influence they admitted to back then is still there, but it is less pronounced on this unusually well produced self-released LP. Recorded in their basement, in a closing studio, and in a house outside Woodstock with no water, it is no wonder it took so long to finish! Co-producers Michael Tudor (Moby, John Cale) and Chris Feinstein make everything sound immediate and punchy, and aside from "Liar", the one faster rocker out of the Pleased to Meet Me playbook, Greatest Hurts is kind of like the dirtier tracks on the last two 'Mats LP's and the early Paul Westerberg LP's. But there are also spots of Rolling Stones ("Doesn't Work Right"), classic rock heavy riffing ("Rolling in the Wrong Direction"), Neil Young ("Dry Razor's Hand"), power pop ("Secret"), and oddball Flaming Lips or Wilco ("Bastard"). The band's heart, well encapsulated by the LP's title, will win you over too - especially on the Westerberg-ian acoustic ballad bawling of "DCIL" and the soulful standout closer, "You Were Right (Never Again)."

Jack Rabid - The Big Takeover ..56


Teamed with producers Michel Tudor (Moby, Duncan Sheik, John Cale) and Chris Feinstein (Iodine), Clara Venus recorded Greatest Hurts whenever and wherever they could... from tracking at TMF studios in Manhattan the night before it closed for business and the equipment was sold, to a small house outside of Woodstock, NY with no water because the pipes froze at 20 below, to recording on their own in their basement rehearsal space, affectionately called "The Cave". Clara Venus found great working partners in Tudor and Feinstien and the album feels the influence of Tudor's Detroit rock upbringing and Feinstein's Nashville rock experience. The songs themselves owe something to personal heroes such as Steve Earle, Joe Strummer, Paul Westerberg, Dylan, and Bowie, but manage to maintain an identity all their own.

Clara Venus is decadent and positive. It's cheerful about its melancholy and subversive about the anarchy of life. As "Liar" says: "I got my loving cup/ I wanna fuck it up."

Released 02.14.05
Produced by Michael Tudor and Chris Feinstein
Mastered by Mark Muller at Dangerous Music, NYC
Programmed to Fail Records, NYC


Greatest Hurts - 2005
Clara Venus - EP 2001

Set List

A typical Clara Venus set is tailored to the NYC club scene - 45 minutes to an hour of original songs.

The band has the material to do several sets.