Clare Farrar Chapman

Clare Farrar Chapman


Heart felt, haunting vocals. Songs that tell stories of personal accounts, experimental guitar chords and structures


I write excellent songs and have been writing for a number of years. I think what makes me different is that my songs are memorable and all incorporate personal accounts from myself. I think my lyrics are descriptive and poetic. i use a range of influences from my experiences to nature, the sea and old folk music. I also like to incorporate ideas from other cultures with the use of the Djembe in some songs as well as the accordian. I have worked with lots of world musicians including a player from portugal and columbia.


'Moving'- BBC Hub
EP- 'Little Rooms To Bigger Places.'

Set List

Woodstock (Joni Mitchel)
Little Room
You Take Her
A Bride in St Ives
Elephant in the room
Blinding Colour
Last One