We are straight up old school rock n roll with captivating melodies. We are the gatorade to your ears. We come with a sonic title wave chanting the war cries for love. We take no prisoners. Everyone will fall victim to our passionate fury. And in the will set you free.


Reigning from their stomping grounds of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and named after a 1964 British, Military Operation, Claret was formed in 2007. Writing and recording songs that are saturated in themes of battle and the human struggles for love, juxtaposed with feelings of detachment, ambience and aggression, Claret has already begun to create a passionate, rock and roll, signature sound.

Influenced heavily by such industry artists who include, The Doors, Counting Crows, Elbow, Miles Davis and The Beatles, Claret has already recorded a home-made demo that was recorded and produced by Nyko, the bands lead vocalist. The compilation spawned the success of an alternate, cover version of the previously released, Hold Fast, as well as Claret's first collective track, Open.

As a follow up to their debut project, the band officially released their 2008, EP, Frozen War; an album that was recorded at The Substance Audio Labs in Monticello, MN. The EP garnered acclaim for the release of songs that include, Picket Fences, as well as the album's title track. Frozen War has become an explosive track that ultimately remains frozen in the memory of the fans, everytime the band performs the song live.

Compared to the Foo Fighters, U2, Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead, Claret is on the pulse of redefining the genre and style of Rock and Roll.

As Claret has just completed performing center stage at a slew of summer music festivals across the upper mid-west, they are presently writing new material for the release of their first, full-fledged, studio LP. The band has been privileged to expose their sound to cross-cultured audiences, by competing in various tournaments and battle of the band series. Claret has already taken the top prize at The Raging Battle, Bridgewood Battle and Showcase Battle of the Band competitions.

The group prides themselves on presenting their music in a way that envelops their listeners into their aura of faith, as well as the hope of victory. Ultimately, Claret wants to be able to deliver their music globally, sustaining a livelihood of success that is solely based on their lyrical and rhythmic revolution.


Blue Red Grey: Released 2009

Set List

Shovel and a Shotgun
Frozen War
Call to Arms
Picket Fences

We usually play 45min sets. We have enough original material for 2 hours. We do covers upon request.