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Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Band Rock Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music Monthly - Baltimore, MD"

January 2004
February 2003
February 2002

Voted by Music Monthly Magazine's Mid-Atlantic Readers' Poll
THREE YEARS in a row:
2003: Honorable Mention in: BEST IN REGION: “Artist”; BEST IN GENRE: “Rock”; BEST INSTRUMENTAL: “Female Vocals”; Female Front” categories.
2002: Honorable Mention in: BEST IN REGION: "Artist"; "Live Show"; "Attitude"; "Most Likely To Succeed"; "Songwriter"; BEST IN GENRE: "Rock"; BEST INSTRUMENTAL: "Female Vocals" ; "Drums" ;"Guitar" categories.
2001: in the top THREE for BEST IN REGION: "New Artist" and BEST INSTRUMENTAL: "Female Voice" categories. Honorable Mention in BEST IN GENRE: "Rock" category.
- "Best Of...." Readers' Poll

"Music Monthly - Baltimore, MD"

February 2004
“...CLARISSA talked about the time she spent at NP Productions. She (and her band, of course) are still reeling from the excitement. They laid down tracks for CLARISSA Live! and also filmed a video. They said the studio was amazing, actually perfect for what they were doing. Everyone loved it. In addition to the band, she also brought in Angela Taylor to do backing vocals, and she added some flute. Mega player, Chris Semich, played violin and he blew the doors off the place. Their plans are to release the CD in the next couple of months, and they are also talking about releasing the video.”
Susie Mudd - Music Monthly - Baltimore, MD - Susie Mudd, Publisher

"Song Prize - Nashville, TN"

February 2004
CLARISSA and Mike Berger won "Honorable Mention" in's 2003 International Songwriting Contest for "Free To Be", their debut CD's title track. First, Second and Third Prizes went to Independent Artists in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland; Portland, Oregon; and Amsterdam, Netherlands. See THE GLOBAL PRESS RELEASE for Radio, TV and Internet Outlets on ~ or for more information.
2003 International Songwriting Competition ~ Song Prize ~ Nashville, TN -

"SPA Records - New York, NY"

December 2002
SPA Records ("SPA") in conjunction with 2 Generations SPA Music Management, Inc. ("2G") released its Film & TV Compilation series, Volume III on November 8, 2002.  This compilation CD featured CLARISSA’s song “Before”.  “Mid-tempo female adult rock; song seeking to recollect the time before certain important life experiences.” - Lisa Weissberg

"The Staunton News Leader - VA"

June 2002
ClARISSA Comes Home To Rock The Valley
“Clarissa Campbell is no stranger to sleepless nights. In fact, she said it is not uncommon for her band to travel seventy-two hours without catching a wink.
During its summer tour, the band named for its lead singer, Clarissa, will travel from Florida to Pennsylvania hitting the stage to share its debut CD, "Free To Be". Campbell said the road can be stressful, but she wouldn't change a thing.
"I love what I do," she said. "I might be insane for it. I may go 72 hours without sleep, but I do it regularly and I love it."
The four-member alternative rock band, formerly called Yellow #5, was established in Baltimore, MD., and toured the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. circuit doing cover songs. Campbell and the band's guitarist/songwriter, Mike Berger, changed the band name and went on to do their own original music.
Campbell describes her music as "somewhat spiritual, made of life experiences and change of life experiences," She said it is about accepting who you are and it speaks to people who follow their own path. Overall, Campbell said the sound is definitely "rock and roll."
Although born in Knoxville, TN, Campbell grew up in Grottoes. She attended Fort Defiance from the eighth grade and then moved to Richmond during her senior year. Despite all her travels, Campbell said she tries to visit the Shenandoah Valley every two to three months to visit her grandmother, Mother, sister and nephew who are still in the area.
But finding time is difficult. This summer the band has 20 tour dates scheduled through August 31. Campbell also takes private dance lessons and studies voice and piano from instructors from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore. She says she cannot stop working to improve herself or her music.
"I can't not do it," she said. "It's not an option for me. On a subconscious level there is something inside of me that propels me that won't be stopped."
Clarissa will be making several stops in the Valley this summer including a performance at Staunton's Fourth of July Weekend Celebration on Friday July 5 at Gypsy Hill Park. Campbell will also be playing on July 17 in the Battle of the Bands at Main St. Bar and Grill in Harrisonburg; July 19 at the Highlawn Pavilion in Harrisonburg and July 20 at the Pullman in Staunton. For a complete list of tour dates or to sample "Free To Be”, go to”
Jennifer Sacharnoski - The Staunton News Leader - Staunton, VA - Jennifer Sacharnoski

"Music Monthly - Baltimore, MD"

May 2002

“On Free To Be, singer/songwriter Clarissa displays a number of styles and influences. That makes for an interesting listen, as she moves from flavor to flavor without effort. “All My Wars” leads off with an almost hippie-anthem feel to it. The melody is surely ‘60’s inspired, and the dual male/female harmonies on the chorus give it a sort of Woodstock send up. “Tables Have Turned”, meanwhile is a rocker from start to finish with a gritty guitar riff and snarling vocals. “Voice Inside” follows, clocking in at a short one minute and nineteen seconds. It’s a shame, really, as I would have liked to listen to a longer version of this acoustic offering. The title track is next, and “Free To Be” also exposes a tie-died sensibility. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Clarissa’s leanings in this direction smack of the ‘60’s Haight/Ashbury thing to me. “Come See About Me” is an acoustic guitar driven number, and here the singer’s vocal range is quite comfortable and effective. Again, use of male/female dual vocals is employed. It’s a very nice number. A major strength in any recording is the production value, and on this disc the sound is crisp and clear. Along with guitarist Mike Berger, Clarissa seems to be adept behind the board as well. “Before” is a pleasant journey that makes good use of contrasts, as softer verses segue into choruses with a decidedly harder edge, while “Through The Storm” and “Fall From Grace” both rock with Led Zeppelin guitar licks. They’re definitely the two heaviest tracks on the album, and the singer seems quite at home mixing it up with the louder stuff. Whether it’s the balladry of “Crimes” or the sonic sting of the aforementioned “Grace”, on Free To Be, Clarissa seems to be at home in any musical setting.”
Alan J. Phillips - Music Monthly - Baltimore, MD
- Alan J. Phillips

"Music Monthly - Baltimore, MD"

October 2001

“The first time I heard of Clarissa Campbell was when she fronted the cover band Yellow #5........ This was in 1999........ She soon joined forces with guitarist, Mike Berger, and they both knew there was something there.....Their freshman project was recorded and engineered by Mike Potter at Orion Studios. Clarissa and Mike produced it. Doug Milton did his thing and it shows. The recording is pristine, couldn’t be any cleaner. The whole Clarissa package was incredibly impressive. They describe themselves as Alternate Rockers, but they also use words like unique, diverse, melodic, edgy, and they are correct. It is rock, that’s for sure. The first two cuts kick major ass, but they’re not my favorite. I loved “Voice Inside” and “Come See About Me”. I like her voice when she is really singing, not screaming, and sometimes that’s what she did..... “Voice Inside” knocked me out. I had to listen to it a couple of times. The lyrics are raw, kind of edgy, and so is her voice. It’s freaky how her voice and the music go together--it’s like they become one. Very interesting record, Free To Be is. If you like women who rock, and Clarissa does, thought provoking lyrics, and pounding rhythms, you should check out Clarissa. They are rejoicing its release this month at The Vault.”
Susie Mudd - Music Monthly - Baltimore, MD
- Susie Mudd, Publisher

"VH1 - Save The Music"

Song of the Year Supporting VH1 “Save The Music” announces Clarissa Campbell and Mike Berger to be Finalists, within the genre of Rock, in their January 2005 Songwriting Contest. Campbell and Berger’s winnings are for their collaborative songwriting efforts on “Away” (released on CLARISSA Live!). January's Winners and Finalists, in all genres, include songwriters from Canada, The United Kingdom, Iceland, Puerto Rico, France, Australia, Germany, Bermuda, Bulgaria, The USA, and Japan.

Song of the Year states that Finalists are the top four rated songwriters, after the winning song, in their respective category. These submissions along with the winning submissions are sent out to the Song of the Year resources for further consideration.

Visit to see all Winners, Finalists, Runner Ups, Honorable Mentions and Suggested Artists in each category.
- Song Of The Year

"Music Monthly - Baltimore, MD"

“CLARISSA Voted #1 in the Mid-Atlantic Region in Music Monthly’s 2004 “Best Of…” Readers’ Poll for: Best Instrumental: “Female Vocals” and “Female Front”. Jan. 2005 Edition - 2004 "Best Of..." Readers' Poll

"Billboard Magazine World Song Contest"

13th Annual Billboard World Song Contest ~ 2005

announces CLARISSA Honorable Mention in Songwriting excellence for "Away"

"This Honor demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a "Hit Song"

- Billboard Magazine



Released: October 2004
Producer: Clarissa Campbell
Recorded & Engineered: Jason George, N P Live
Mixed: Drew Mazurek, High View Studios
Mastered: Ty Ford
Art Design: Rick Hallquist, Dactyl Media FX & Clarissa
Lyrics & Music: Clarissa Campbell & Mike Berger

Free To Be
Released: September 2001
Producer: Clarissa Campbell & Mike Berger
Recorded & Engineered: Mike Potter, Orion Studios
Mastered: Doug Milton, Cyberella Studios
Art Design: Kevin Hoppe
Lyrics & Music: Clarissa Campbell & Mike Berger

"Away", “Come See About Me”, “Before” and “Free To Be”, the CD’s title track, have secured considerable airplay on both regular radio stations and web radio.



Power! Range! Versatility!

The Voice of
Singer / Songwriter

Indie ~ Alterna ~ Rock ~ Pop ~ Folk

Clarissa Campbell began singing as a child everything from gospel to country to blues to rock ‘n roll. She’s a POWER singer! Her voice is unique, distinctive, versatile. And although she is technically a Mezzo Soprano (aka Dramatic Soprano), the voice packs an over three-octave range. Power, Range and Versatility are the words that best embrace her voice. She is originally from Knoxville, TN, grew up in VA and now resides in Baltimore, MD. Clarissa still studies voice and piano from various independent instructors from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore. Additional background includes 10 years of classical training in jazz and modern dance and choreography, five years of ballet and three years of professional modeling in New York and Baltimore. She continues to study dance privately.

Her live touring experience is vast and includes shows, festivals and events in Baltimore and up and down the East Coast. Plans are to widen the touring scope and to continue integrating classical instruments into the live rock band's performances. Clarissa states that she has always been drawn to the sound of mixing it up with classical and rock instrumentation. Her music’s core genre is Rock ‘n Roll. But some of her songs have crossed over into other categories such as Pop, Folk and Alternative, obvious and further evidence of the Singer / Songwriter's versatility. Music Monthly Magazine said, "...and the singer seems quite at home mixing it up with the louder stuff. Whether it’s the balladry of “Crimes” or the sonic sting of the aforementioned “Fall From Grace”, on "Free To Be", CLARISSA seems to be at home in any musical setting.”

The Singer has many awards and accreditations to her name including awards from VH1, Billboard Magazine, Song Prize, WOMDA, SPA Records and Music Monthly Magazine.

The Passion of Singing!

Clarissa is a natural born live performer, whose voice is frequently described as “haunting” and “unique”. Her high-energy shows are a spontaneous blend of her dance background, clear and powerful vocals and a sincere, emotional delivery of the message that is being conveyed through her lyrics. These are the reasons that her second album was recorded live. Music Monthly Magazine wrote, "...The lyrics are raw, kind of edgy, and so is her voice. It’s freaky how her voice and the music go together--it’s like they become one. Very interesting record, "Free To Be" is. If you like women who rock, and CLARISSA does, thought provoking lyrics, and pounding rhythms, you should check out CLARISSA." CD Street said, “CLARISSA Rocks! This band fronted by Clarissa Campbell has a rockin' groove, tight and edgy... Clarissa has a unique voice and combined with her band, they ROCK!" Clarissa’s live performance is frequently compared to Gwen Stefani’s of No Doubt by those in the know.

Her voice is sometimes described as a cross between Debra Harry of Blondie, Melissa Etheridge and a female version of Kevin Martin of Candlebox. When asked what drives her to continue performing, writing and recording, her response is a matter of fact, “I can’t NOT do it. Music is not a choice for me, the drive for it is unrelenting.” She is the Co-Songwriter for both albums and is currently responsible for all of the band’s bookings, it’s management and promotional efforts. She Co-Produced “Free To Be” with former guitarist and songwriting partner, Mike Berger, and she Produced the “CLARISSA Live!” album.

The third album is expected to be released sometime in 2008.

The Band
A Time Line

CLARISSA is a four member original rock band based out of Baltimore, MD. Clarissa Campbell, lead singer/songwriter, and Mike Berger, guitarist/songwriter originally joined forces and established a cover band in early 1999. Their band, Yellow #5, consistently toured the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. circuit from early 1999 through the Spring of 2001. Clarissa and Mike, although continuing to play cover music in some venues, redirected their focus to concentrate on their original music.

The debut CD, “Free To Be” was released in September 2001. This nine song CD features the collaborative efforts of Clarissa Campbell and Mike Berger. The music of this CD is a diverse blend of the melodic to the somewhat edgy. The overall theme of the music is “change”....... in life, love and the human experience. The lyrical content is honest and direct and the music written for it was designed to keep its integrity and support the message it sends. The overall sound of Clarissa's vocals and Mike's music is unmistakably their signature and therein lies the consist