Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

Clark and Jared: Interrobang is a musical comedy act unlike anything you have seen before. With whimsical songs and story telling, you'll have your funny bone stroked, while getting life lessons from two guys who shouldn't be giving them.


INTERROBANG is a story of friendship, love, heroism, and war. But mostly the first thing. Clark Cameron and Jared Jay, became best of friends during college. They spent most of their time being relatively awesome. One dark and sultry night, Jared and Clark decided to enter into their college talent show to cover a song- Jared to sing and Clark to play guitar. A few days before the show, they realized they hadn’t learned any songs. Rather, they performed musical comedy, and it was well recieved.

This musical comedy stuff appealed to the duo, and for some reason, to other people as well. Now Clark and Jared are no longer simply Clark and Jared. They are instead INTERROBANG, The world’s greatest musical comedy duo (named after an obscure punctuation mark)!

Clark and Jared are the modern day Smothers Brothers, most often compared to comedy duo Flight of the Conchords but also gain influence from Tim Minchin, Bo Burnham, and the Axis of Awesome.



INTERROBANG: Traveling Comedy Band
Live at the Wachovia Theater
Coming soon.